Left Over.

Leftovers last forever in our family. Today we headed to my parents to finish what we had started. But before the feast began, I snapped some of these pictures outside.
My dad has this Blessed Mother statue outside with a tiny vase and rose to honor my grandmother. It was hers before she passed away, and he has continued the tradition since she left us in February. It was still in the 60’s here last week, so that week’s rose was still hanging in there. But this weekend the frost hit, and the water froze. I thought it looked so cool.

A last, lonely leaf.

Then we got to eating and watching the Steeler nail-biter.

[my mom makes the best gravy. seriously.]

[fresh fruit salad with fresh whipped cream]

Just to keep you up to speed, I wanted to share Mr. How Sweet’s meal intake. He came straight from the gym and picked up a container (1.33 lbs, to be exact) of chicken on his way. He devoured said chicken (remember – 1.33 lbs) right before our meal, then filled his plate high twice. See? I don’t exaggerate.

Clearly we had an abundance of pie on Thanksgiving.

Then we went on our merry way to start getting rid of this:

And bringing out more of this:

Even though we saw this gorgeous sunset on the way home, we had no idea of the impending Christmas tree doom that would set in.

Earlier this morning, Mr. How Sweet took the strand of lights off the pre-lit tree. The plan was to just add on another strand that we had. Luckily, we have hundreds since we still have a whole other tree to decorate that is not pre-lit. Well, the lights wouldn’t plug into each other, which is a major disaster since the burnt out strand was in the middle of the tree.

So we decided to take off all the lights.

What.a.mess. This took hours and can only be described as the obscenity rant that Clark Griswald shares when he finds out he got enrolled in the jelly-of-the-month club.

I despise pre-lit trees. I have decided that whoever invented them is brilliant, since it basically means people have to go out and buy a brand new $100+ tree every few years. Or sacrifice their sanity trying to remove the lights. Jerks.

While Mr. How Sweet was flipping out, I decided to unwrap some decorations and bulbs.

One tree is done in golds, greens, and glittery oranges. The other is done in hot pinks and purples, but that will have to wait. I can’t wait to show you that one, obviously.

Hello, Mr. Nutcracker.

As long as Mr. How Sweet behaves, we won’t have to put you to work.

Later this week, I’ll tell you what’s in these fun blue boxes.

As for now, I’m off to start on the tree!

(And maybe drink some egg nog. With rum.)

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46 Responses to “Left Over.”

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    Lisa @ I'm an Oie — November 29, 2010 @ 12:40 am

    We live on leftovers for about a week after Thanksgiving. I almost look forward to that more than the actual day.

    What kind of camera do you have? You take some gorgeous pictures.


    • Jessica — November 29th, 2010 @ 12:42 am

      Thanks so much! I have a Nikon D5000.


  2. #
    Amanda — November 29, 2010 @ 12:43 am

    WOW!! You been busy girl!! Love that chocolate torte looking like thing… and all the sparkles!!



  3. #
    Krystina (Basil & Wine) — November 29, 2010 @ 12:44 am

    These pictures are so gorgeous.

    By the way, your husband is hysterical.


  4. #
    Allie (Live Laugh Eat) — November 29, 2010 @ 12:45 am

    I’ve been eating leftovers since Thanksgiving…I swear they just get better and better! What beautiful pies and Christmas decorations. Oh and I’ve been drinking egg nog all week too…HOLIDAYS ROCK!


  5. #
    Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) — November 29, 2010 @ 12:48 am

    You can never have too much pie! Those look incredible! I am so ready to start decorating…I need a palate cleanser from Thanksgiving. Enjoy your tree and nog (rum)!


  6. #
    Amanda — November 29, 2010 @ 12:52 am

    oh how I long for Mr. How Sweet’s metabolism. Lucky dude.

    The mashed potatoes in this post are making my head spin. I want them right now.


  7. #
    Paige @ Running Around Normal — November 29, 2010 @ 12:54 am

    Whoa that rose vase is so cool. Neat that you were able to catch it in film (or on a digital SD card, most likely.)
    Sorry about the Christmas tree abomination! We have a pre-lit tree and have never taken off the lights. I think it’s cool you do them up in coordinated colors. Ours is just a mix of ornaments we have accumulated over the years. Started with red and silver balls, and then as we’ve gotten more personal ornaments, we’ve been taking down the balls.


  8. #
    Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) — November 29, 2010 @ 12:56 am

    I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas! We are going to do that this week.


  9. #
    Taylor — November 29, 2010 @ 1:02 am

    Mmmm leftovers! I don’t get to decorate a tree this year, so I’ll be vicariously living through your decorating adventures :)


  10. #
    Nicole @ Making Good Choices — November 29, 2010 @ 1:03 am

    Wow you both have a tremendous amount of patience. The tree would be in the trash already at my house!


  11. #
    Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) — November 29, 2010 @ 1:12 am

    Blue Tiffany boxes excite me. A lot!!!!! :)

    The last post on TJs
    i buy tons of the same things as you do! green beans, salad mix, the orange chicken i have made for scott but it STINKS up my house for days so i wont do it. And the fleur de caramel sauce…own it! Just bought it last week!

    The tree drama this post…i think my parents almost got divorced many times over holiday decorations and putting up the tree.

    My idea of holiday decorating is the umbrella in my pina colada from the beach in Dec :)

    Could not get into your site to comment for 18+ hrs…that’s why im late :)


  12. #
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey — November 29, 2010 @ 1:29 am

    We always do a mandatory day after Thanksgiving day meal with all of my family – it’s such a blast and is kind of like a second Thanksgiving. I don’t know how any man eats as much as they do.. my husband eats so much I am surprised we only spend about $300 a month on groceries. It’s quite ridiculous.


  13. #
    Ami @ beyondpeasandcarrots — November 29, 2010 @ 1:30 am

    I hate those pre lit trees for the exact same reason!!

    PS now I am craving pie, thanks ;)


  14. #
    Cailin @ Stir Crazy — November 29, 2010 @ 1:45 am

    Those pies are calling my name! I just started my Christmas decorating today too. No tree yet until next weekend though :(


  15. #
    Healthy Chocoholic — November 29, 2010 @ 1:57 am

    All the food looks soooo great!!!!! Sorry about your christmas tree….hope it works out!


  16. #
    Cara Craves... — November 29, 2010 @ 2:24 am

    I am sure your trees will turn out quite lovely!

    Ha! Nutcraker!


  17. #
    Mary @ Bites and Bliss — November 29, 2010 @ 2:30 am

    I wouldn’t mind if the majority of the leftovers happened to be pie- that’s the best part! ;)


  18. #
    Ravenous Rowie — November 29, 2010 @ 2:47 am

    Sounds like things are getting pretty festive around your house! Those are some very enticing little blue boxes!!!


  19. #
    marla {family fresh cooking} — November 29, 2010 @ 2:57 am

    Thanksgiving & Christmas all in one post! I cannot believe how we are moving right into the next BIG holiday! Looks like your Thanksgiving was wonderful & your feast looks amazing. Very sweet pink rose :) xo


  20. #
    Torrie @ a place to share... — November 29, 2010 @ 3:17 am

    The rose (in honor of your grandmother) is very sweet.

    After hearing about your light fiasco, it sounds like you may need to add extra rum to that eggnog:).


  21. #
    Rachael — November 29, 2010 @ 3:38 am

    Please pot a recipe of your moms gravy. I have yet to find one I like, and your pic looks amazing!


  22. #
    the blissful baker — November 29, 2010 @ 3:44 am

    mmm all that food looks great! i am drooling over the pies!


  23. #
    Heather — November 29, 2010 @ 3:53 am

    oh Lord, i’m breaking out the Christmas decor tomorrow and Lord only knows the insanity THAT’S going to bring…wish me luck!


  24. #
    MrsABC1016 — November 29, 2010 @ 4:22 am

    What was the last pie? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!

    Haven’t worked up the courage to tackle Christmas decorating just yet.. Probably next weekend!


    • Jessica — November 29th, 2010 @ 4:41 am

      It actually was tiramisu cheesecake – not pie!


  25. #
    Wei-Wei — November 29, 2010 @ 4:54 am

    I scrolled down and… “okay one… two… three… wait, one more? FOUR pies?” That is a LOT of pie. Yummy.


  26. #
    Mama Pea — November 29, 2010 @ 5:38 am

    I love all the photos of your Christmas ornaments. Mine are all made out of felt, macaroni and glue :)


  27. #
    Debs @ Acquiredish — November 29, 2010 @ 8:25 am

    OMG leftover tiramisu cheescake. I would not be left over in our house!

    What a “pick me up” though LOL


  28. #
    MelissaNibbles — November 29, 2010 @ 9:38 am

    Pretty sunset…gimme pie!


  29. #
    Lauren at KeepItSweet — November 29, 2010 @ 11:56 am

    that food all looks so delicious! i am so torn between wanting to eat healthy now and wanting thanksgiving leftovers to last forever!


  30. #
    Kim in MD — November 29, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

    It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jessica! I love the tribute to your grandmother…I’m sure she was missed. All of the food looks amazing-YUM! :-)


  31. #
    Daisy — November 29, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    yesss eggnog with rum is my tree decorating go to!


  32. #
    Kat — November 29, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

    WOW so many comments to make I have no idea what to do here. I guess I’ll jump to the most important – I LOVE FAMILY VACATION! :) It’s part of our traditional Christmas. We watch it every single year Christmas day after we open presents.


  33. #
    Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear — November 29, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

    Tiffanys boxes, yay! can’t wait to see what’s inside :)


  34. #
    stephchows — November 29, 2010 @ 6:21 pm

    all of those leftovers sound amazing!!! couldn’t you just replace the burnt out bulb???


    • Jessica — November 29th, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

      We tried, it didn’t work. We looked for another burnt out one, but by that point it was just so time consuming that we may as well have ripped them off.


      • stephchows — November 30th, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

        ugggg I think you just convinced me NOT to buy the prelit tree I was thinking of getting LOL

        • Jessica — November 30th, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

          I would seriously NOT do it. Eventually those lights will go out!

  35. #
    Katie — November 29, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

    Holy leftovers! I’m so jealous! Since we go out of town for Thanksgiving, we never have any, and it is my FAVORITE part of cooking in mass quantities. I’ll just live vicariously.

    Also, I’m embarrassed to admit we’ve never put up a tree because we’re too lazy. Your ornaments make me want to, though!


    • Jessica — November 29th, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

      No tree? You must, you must! I’m sure you will next year for Baby Cakes. :)


  36. #
    Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes) — December 10, 2010 @ 11:11 am

    That rose pic is way cool :)

    You simply must post the recipe for that last, chocolate creamy looking pie! I’m in love without even knowing what it is!!


  37. #
    maura — January 16, 2012 @ 11:47 am

    that tiramisu cheesecake looks amazing! anyway you could pass the recipe along? thanks!



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