Go put on your stretchy pants.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

Seriously. Do it now.
Some days, I find that certain recipes speak to me. Better-Than-Crack-Brownies, Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles, Cake Batter Bark… those things excite me. This only has happened a handful of times and when I find or create a delicious recipe that I am so passionate about, I can hardly wait to share it with all of you. After all, these recipes wouldn’t be as much fun without you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

This is the situation I found myself in late Monday evening. Sometimes, the best recipes come from you. Never hesitate to tell me about them! A reader, Amber, emailed me to share this delicious recipe. I nearly fell off my chair.

Or the couch from which I was laying on after eating 16 snickerdoodles. It happens.
I couldn’t wait to make it. In fact, I nearly got my rump off the couch and whipped it up at 10:00 pm. But then I remembered that I would want to photograph this amazing creation. And then I also remembered that I would be left all by my lonesome with this dip. It would be close to midnight. I would be in sweatpants. I would eat until my heart was content. I would never fall sleep. I would want to face-plant into cookie dough dip.
I decided to wait.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

You can only imagine what I did first thing yesterday morning. I don’t even think I’ve bounded out of bed like that for freshly fried bacon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

So let’s hit all the major points:

1. Super simple (and fast!) to make? Check.

2. Easy enough that you most likely have the ingredients in your house right now? Check. (hint, hint… breakfast!)

3. Freakishly delicious and pants-popping? Double check.
I served it with animal crackers, but for the last 36 hours all I’ve been thinking about are more delectable dippers that would be fabulous. Graham crackers, Nilla Wafers, juicy apples, salty pretzels, homemade cookies, cinnamon sugar pita chips… the list goes on and on. Pick your poison.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

Or you can do dirty things like eat it with a spoon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

Cookie Dough Dip

makes about 1 1/2 cups

1/2 cup butter

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 8-ounce block of cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 cups chocolate chips

Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add brown sugar and whisk until sugar dissolves and mixture starts to bubble. Set aside to cool, and whisk in vanilla.

Cream together cream cheese and powdered sugar for 60 seconds. With mixer on low speed, add in brown sugar and butter mixture. Mix until combined. I added the chocolate chips at this time so the mixer could break them up into pieces. You can so that, or just fold in the chocolate chips.

Garnish with additional chopped chocolate. Serves with fruit, cookies, crackers, pretzels or a spoon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip I howsweeteats.com

Oh! I almost left out the most important piece of the recipe that Amber shared. Cookie dough dip “has zero calories when eaten with friends.”

I think I love this girl.

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398 Responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip.”

  1. #
    Byn — December 15, 2010 @ 2:39 pm

    ooooooh this could be a late addition to my christmas party menu on saturday!


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

      Do it.


  2. #
    AllieNic @Frisky Lemon — December 15, 2010 @ 2:45 pm

    WOW…or should I say “OMG” I can’t believe something like this exists! You and your delicious treats…I’m either destined to drool and resist making them, or make them and give in to the stretchy pants! You are AWESOME…for reals, yo.


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 2:51 pm



  3. #
    Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun — December 15, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

    Oh goodness. Cookie dough? As a dip? That is the best idea ever. I think I should make some before I’m no longer in maternity pants.


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

      I think you should too!


  4. #
    Rachel @ The Avid Appetite — December 15, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

    Looks absolutely delicious! I just may be adding this to my holiday party menu for Friday night!


  5. #
    Kate @ahealthypassion — December 15, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

    This looks insanely delicious!


  6. #
    Tulika — December 15, 2010 @ 3:02 pm

    What a cool concept!! And genius idea! Can’t wait to try it…and then buy some new pants. :)


  7. #
    Lauren — December 15, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

    With the way that looks, I don’t think I’d eat it with a spoon, cracker, or fruit. No…I think I’d eat it straight off my finger! AND-without an ounce of shame!


  8. #
    Mrs. Jen B — December 15, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

    Wow. I’m currently looking for reasons to make this as soon as possible.


  9. #
    Caitlin — December 15, 2010 @ 3:07 pm

    Blah blah blah…you’re wonderful…blah blah blah ZOMG THAT LOOKS AMAZING….blah blah blah…I’m going to make this right now….

    Let’s get real, I want you to make this, for me, yesterday. Along with everything else I have ever commented on.

    The end.


  10. #
    Leah @ Why Deprive? — December 15, 2010 @ 3:14 pm

    My jaw dropped when I read this. I am SO excited to make this for my famile Christmas party this weekend.


  11. #
    Traci(faithfulfoodiefashionista) — December 15, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

    Oh my I am drooling! This looks too good :)


  12. #
    Brooke — December 15, 2010 @ 3:18 pm

    I was so planning on making stuffed mushrooms for a party this weekend but I think I just changed my mind. Now to wipe off this drool…


  13. #
    Kristina @ spabettie — December 15, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

    oh my, Are You SERIOUS?? I do totally want this for breakfast right now.

    with tart green apples, AND something salty… like a potato chip!

    yes. most definitely.


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

      That sounds so good right now.


  14. #
    thehealthyapron — December 15, 2010 @ 3:29 pm

    This couldn’t possibly be more perfect. No calories? That means…no guilt! Hell, a girl needs her fix! While I have my fair share of treats to eat this week…Christmas weekend this is getting made! THANK YOU JESS!


  15. #
    Natalia - a side of simple — December 15, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

    This has encouraged me to officially divide my wardrobe into “outfits appropraite after making Jessica’s recipes” to save myself and my body from utter embarrassment. ;)


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 3:39 pm

      Hahahah! Love it.


  16. #
    Naomi(onefitfoodie) — December 15, 2010 @ 3:44 pm

    hahaha cookie dough for breakfast now THATS a way to start the day!!! omggggggg


  17. #
    EatLiveRun — December 15, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

    I die. sooooooooo goooooooood.


  18. #
    Shannon — December 15, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

    WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh my!


  19. #
    Taryn — December 15, 2010 @ 3:59 pm

    I think I may need to call in ‘sick’ to work….YUM!


  20. #
    Shanna, like Banana — December 15, 2010 @ 4:05 pm

    I think I gained a pound just reading this post!


  21. #
    vanillasugarblog — December 15, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    i thought it was cc pudding. but this is better. way better. serve with cc cookies for dipping, no? lol


  22. #
    Layne — December 15, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

    Oh. My. God. I’m pretty sure I just gained a few pounds in anticipation.

    Definitely adding this to my long (and slightly crazy) holiday baking list!


  23. #
    Jennifer — December 15, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

    I would def gobble this up with a spoon. Animal cracker dippers are a super cute idea!


  24. #
    Kelly — December 15, 2010 @ 4:21 pm

    Okay so we are channeling each other’s brains again. Today I have cookie dough truffles on the blog. Clearly naughty minds think alike. Though I think you take the cake, this is the first I have heard of a cookie dough dip. Insane!


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

      We should dip those truffles in this dip.


  25. #
    Rachel — December 15, 2010 @ 4:26 pm

    There goes my diet for the day. Looks Aahmazing!


  26. #
    Wei-Wei — December 15, 2010 @ 4:31 pm

    I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a chocolate chip raw patty (chocolate chip cookie dough sans eggs) and dip them in to this cookie dough dip.


    Juuuuuust sayin’.


  27. #
    Amber — December 15, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

    I am sooooo glad you like it!


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

      Thank YOU so much Amber! This recipe is truly INCREDIBLE.


      • Amber — December 15th, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

        I bring a double bowl of this to Christmas at my in-law’s house each year…Each year someone is waiting at the door to take it out of my hands! lol

  28. #
    Kocinera — December 15, 2010 @ 4:40 pm

    Oh my goodness.

    Oh. my. goodness.

    I must make this. I also must make sure that I have some cookie-dough-resistant person nearby to pry it out of my sugar high hands afterwards. :D


  29. #
    Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels — December 15, 2010 @ 5:26 pm

    Oh my word, can I swim in that please?! I swear I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven just seeing this. I have a serious addiction to cookie dough so I am very excited about this recipe. It looks AMAZING! :)


  30. #
    Christine — December 15, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

    I am totally making this for Christmas Eve…woah!!


  31. #
    Corey @ the runner's cookie — December 15, 2010 @ 6:20 pm

    There are days when I come home from work, open the fridge, and seriously wish that I could just sit in front of the TV with some cookie dough. This would be perfect on one of “those days” ! Lovvvve your idea :)


  32. #
    MelissaNibbles — December 15, 2010 @ 6:22 pm

    Please just come out with a cookbook already!


  33. #
    Chrissy — December 15, 2010 @ 6:39 pm

    If I go to heaven, I hope there will be swimming pools filled with cookie dough dip so I can just swim around in it with my mouth open.


  34. #
    Heather — December 15, 2010 @ 6:47 pm

    Oh my gosh! Why does it have to be so easy? Why do I have to have all of these ingredients in my kitchen?? You are freaking killing me lady!


  35. #
    staci — December 15, 2010 @ 7:02 pm



  36. #
    Jess@atasteofconfidence — December 15, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

    this looks AMAZING.


  37. #
    Karen — December 15, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

    Just made this after lunch and stuck it in the fridge for dessert tonight with pretzels, apples and vanilla wafers. But… I did lick the bowl, beaters, and all spoons. Delicious and dangerous. By the way, how many servings is this? One? :-)


    • Jessica — December 15th, 2010 @ 7:30 pm

      Hehehe the serving size is definitely subjective! You must report back after dessert!


  38. #
    jenna — December 15, 2010 @ 7:28 pm


    i dream of swimming in this stuff!! :)


  39. #
    Amanda — December 15, 2010 @ 7:58 pm

    My jaw just dropped! How fabulously decadent!! I am so trying those PB pretzel truffles too. Yum!


  40. #
    Leslie — December 15, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

    Oh my goodness, we ate this just this past weekend when I went away for a girls bake-a-thon weekend! We ate it with apples, to be semi healthy! I should send you the list of what we made. We used over 10 lbs of butter!


  41. #
    Leslie — December 15, 2010 @ 8:01 pm

    Oops, upon further inspection I noticed ours is a tiny bit different. It has no butter, brown sugar, and heath bar chunks in it. The gal who made it just calls it CRACK!


    • Jessica — December 16th, 2010 @ 3:42 am

      Heath bar chunks sound unreal!


  42. #
    Danielle — December 15, 2010 @ 8:10 pm

    OMG YUM!


  43. #
    Holly — December 15, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

    Ummm…..I don’t know even where to start with this. I feel like “Will you Marry Me?” would be a start, but I guess I should ask this “Amber”? Cookie dough is quite possibly my FAVORITE food of all times. I consider it part of the food pyramid (right in the middle, though if I had my way it’d be on the bottom). I’m copying recipe this NOW!


    • Jessica — December 16th, 2010 @ 3:38 am

      You must make it!


  44. #
    Mary @ Bites and Bliss — December 15, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

    You’re genous!!! I was skeptical when first reading the title like “how can a dip taste like cookies”? But you did it. Thank you. :)


  45. #
    Heather — December 15, 2010 @ 8:40 pm

    omg that looks heavenly. When you said you were going to make it last night I was gonna say, how did you get the great pictures? It makes sense now. Mmm I want some!!



  46. #
    Caitlin (EatFeats) — December 15, 2010 @ 8:54 pm

    I am on the verge of joyful tears.


  47. #
    homecookedem — December 15, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

    Oh. my. lord.


  48. #
    Lisa (bakebikeblog) — December 15, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

    I am lost for words……YUMMO!


  49. #
    stephchows — December 15, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

    oh yikes does that look delicious!


  50. #
    jenny eats nutella from a spoon — December 15, 2010 @ 9:58 pm

    ok, i have to come out of complete lurk-dom to comment… because this sounds like my ultimate fantasy dessert/snack.


    • Jessica — December 16th, 2010 @ 3:27 am

      Thanks for commenting!



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