The only thing that rivals my passion for food and cooking is reading books.

Holding books in my hand. Smelling them. Seeing them sitting on my shelf. Finding a book that I read years ago that is now tattered and torn.

There is nothing I love more than curling up with a book and getting lost in it. Over the years I have often found myself thinking about a book days after I’ve finished it, hesitating beginning a new one because I am still lost in the previous one. I am a huge dreamer and books take my fantasies to another level.

I don’t ever want to give up holding a book in my hands. I don’t need another screen to look at. Whether it was The Giver or the latest Sweet Valley High book when I was younger, I would spend hours reading, usually finishing an entire book in one sitting.

How I long to have that kind of time again…

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93 Responses to “Why I Don’t Want a Kindle.”

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    megan @ whatmegansmaking — December 17, 2010 @ 3:33 pm

    So glad we have this in common as well! I love love love reading. And nothing compares with curling up on the couch (with a snack) for an afternoon or evening of reading. I get so lost in books and can’t put them down. I would so often finish books in one sitting because I couldn’t stand not knowing what would happen!


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    Crystal — December 17, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    So glad there are others out there who agree with me on this! I’m so glad I have tons of books at home that I can read as many times as I want. I hope my daughter will enjoy them one day as I much as I do now :)


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    Andrea — December 17, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

    I agree! I do not want a Kindle AT ALL. Why use one if there are so many beautiful, delicious-smelling, papery, classic, enchanting books?


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    Jessica — December 17, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

    We LOVE books in this house. I’ve thought about an e-reader but still have yet to get one. My husband is against them and when about 80% of the books in your house are children’s books it’s hard to give them up.

    BTW- The Giver is my all time favorite book. I re-read it all the time.


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    Alisa Fleming — December 17, 2010 @ 5:10 pm

    As someone who publishes books, I can say that our ebook / kindle sales still pale in comparison to physical book sales. Though ebooks are convenient, I sometimes wonder if it might be a bit of a fad. If ideas like kindle will stick around, but not really grow to take over publishing as some feel.


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    Cyndie — December 17, 2010 @ 5:38 pm

    My literature professor was griping about how soon everyone will have kindles instead of books and how sad it was…

    but everyone in the class expressed how a kindle was not a BOOK…and that it can’t be replaced. The older generations clearly does not have enough faith in us to keep books alive ;)


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    kelsey @ un-american in france — December 17, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

    I thought I wouldn’t want a kindle but when I received one as a gift, I fell in LOVE with it! I take it everywhere with me… to work, on the bus… everywhere. Having a leather cover on it really makes it feel like I’m holding a book… But I do still dream of having a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookcase filled with books!

    Anyways, if I can recommend a book to you that you’ll absolutely love, read PILLARS OF THE EARTH by Ken Follett and then the follow-up, A WORLD WITHOUT END. They’re both AMAZING. Couldn’t put them down!


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    Ashley — December 17, 2010 @ 8:19 pm

    I agree with you 100%! I could never give up holding the book in my own two hands.


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    Robyn — December 18, 2010 @ 3:14 am

    would love it if you shared with us what you’re reading each week!


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    Cheryl Stoy — December 18, 2010 @ 5:13 am

    How I agree!!! My husband and I are avid readers…we have books stacked all over the house. One night a week we read out loud to each for an hour from some of our old time favorites. This week is ” Fellowship of the Ring” and next week will of course be “A Christmas Carol”. It ain’t Christmas in our house without some Dickens!

    Our motto is “A book or two or week is all we ask.” We live on Amazon in the used book section and the lady at our little local library calls us whenever they are putting out a new batch of old books for sale. The smell, feel and joy of the written word is part of our souls and I fear for the coming generations as “reading” and “writing” become lost art forms. I love getting second hand books and reading the notes other people have put in the margin. I feel the history of that book and its travels come alive.

    I just finished two good mysteries “Long Time Coming” by Robert Goddard and “Little Stranger” By Sarah Waters and the non-fic “Nervous Splendor:Vienna 1888/1889 and I am getting ready to re-read “Woman In White” one of my all time faves that I revisit each year.

    I got a new cookbook that is awesome “Falling Off the Bone” by Jean Anderson which is a great comfort food cookbook with outstanding photos and recipes. I highly recommend it and the roast recipe which has boneless chuck, onions, garlic, and beer simmered for four hours then served with boiled potatoes. Too die for…I actually cooked my longer in the crock pot just cause of the smell.


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    Jolene ( — December 18, 2010 @ 7:27 am

    My thoughts exactly.


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    Torrie @ a place to share... — January 6, 2011 @ 9:43 pm

    I agree with every single word of this post (including my love of The Giver and SVH!).



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