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1. This shake. AHHHH. I shared it last week and then made something somewhat similar over the weekend and I’ll tell you about it soon. Faceplant city.

2. While I’m on the topic of sweet thangs, this healthy sticky chocolate cake. What? I’m doing that. Today.

3. We are getting another polar (bear) vortex or something but Eddie and I have sort of gone on a driveway shoveling strike. As in… we’ve done a really poor job of shoveling this winter and we look out the window, then look at each other and just shrug our shoulders. Our neighbors most likely hate us. I’m turning him into a non grown up.

4. I got the first taste that my super high heeled days may be coming to a close (not like I would ever let that happen) when I bought a pair of boots (these ones) at the nordstrom after christmas sale. I thought I could do it but after I brought them home and attempted… no. Just no. This… never… happens. EVER.

5. Um. Many times I wish instagram had an age restriction. Like a driving age. Like 16 or something. Because really, is it spam or is it a third grader with an iPhone?

6. It feels like I say this about four times a year, but there are so many movies I’m dying to see. Yet… we never go to the movies. I don’t know if it’s just because we are lazy or we never think about it, but when we do actually go we enjoy it, sooooo. Currently it’s probably because I can’t pull myself away from netflix and jax teller.

7. Last night we had taco salads for dinner and a good taco salad is seriously underrated. I’m tooting my own horn but I’ve done a killer job of making some really delicious dinners every weeknight. It was one of my goals and I’m hoping I can keep it up past, you know, the third week of January?

8. Girls! What are your thoughts? Even though it’s a trainwreck and my secondhand embarrassment is through the roof, I actually think it’s better than last season and I find myself laughing a lot more than last year. I kind of like that we are seeing what a disaster Marnie is. And and and – on Nashville? I gotta say how much I love Avery. I’m not sure I’ve ever turned such a strong dislike of a character into love. Freaking love him. What else are you watching? Are you going to tell me to watch the Following? Puhlease. My DVR only has so much space.

9. I’m so annoyed that I laughed at this, but nevertheless, I really laughed: 22 reasons why commas are the most important things in the world.

10. I’m packing up to head to Salt Lake City tomorrow and I’m all oh I’ll just lay out my exact outfits and accessories so I don’t over pack this time since uh maybe last time I flew I had to pay $125 for an extremely overweight suitcase and I almost died and I’d really like to avoid that unnecessary and embarrassing expense. Well. This means nothing. I’m just packing three times as much now. I hate myself.

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41 Responses to “Tuesday Things.”

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    Stephanie — January 21, 2014 @ 12:11 pm

    I will never give up my heels! Loving the ones you bought. =) Also, I just wait for the new movies to pop up on Netflix or I go to the dollar movies because I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on tickets/snacks. And lastly, I live in SLC! I totally wish I could meet you!


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    Katriel — January 21, 2014 @ 12:13 pm

    I still loathe Avery. I just can’t help it. I guess I hold grudges or something.
    And true story with the third grader and instagram!


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    Ashley — January 21, 2014 @ 12:15 pm

    Girls has been WAY better than last season already. Shosh and Adam are by far my favorites!


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    Katriel — January 21, 2014 @ 12:44 pm

    Oh my word. and #22. “Last thing he needs is to be put in a comma!”


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    Rachel — January 21, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

    Hey, I’m 20 and I tried on a pair of long high heeled boots (about 4 inches?) in Ralph Lauren, they were about $650 down from $1,500, and while I did really like them and the guy I’m seeing really wanted me to get them and kept on telling me how great they looked on I left them in the end because I decided that while I’m fine with that height for an evening, I would want boots like that to be for every day!

    And yes, this is me telling you to watch The Following. Netflix the first season, then get on board with the current one. Just don’t watch it alone or in a darkened room. Also, Scandal. If you are not watching Scandal there is something seriously wrong with the way you choose shows.


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    Jenni — January 21, 2014 @ 1:00 pm

    Oh my god, the comma thing. The last guy’s reaction to his friend telling him to use a comma. HAHA.


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    tara — January 21, 2014 @ 1:49 pm

    i say the same thing about movies and we never go. i look at my never ending tivo and how its almost always really full and i say lets just stay in and watch tv rather than go out. i have total tivo anxiety where a full tivo gets me all upset, etc but my tivo is always full ! my BF says just delete some shows ! WTF is he nuts ?
    and i gotta start watching girls i hear so much about it !


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    Kristin @ Crumbs & Curls — January 21, 2014 @ 1:53 pm

    That shakes looks AMAZING! I want it now :)!

    Crumbs & Curls


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    Lisag — January 21, 2014 @ 1:59 pm

    Agree with you that I never get enough taco salad! Where is the necklace from that you posted on Instagram with your packing picture? Love it!


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    Happy Valley Chow — January 21, 2014 @ 2:38 pm

    That milk shake looks absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


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    Julie @ Table for Two — January 21, 2014 @ 3:30 pm

    It’s crazy how the writers can make you dislike someone so much (Avery) in the beginning and then turn it right around and have you adore him. I’m trying so hard to not like him but it’s getting really hard not to!! I’m almost caught up to the current episodes! I’m on episode 8 of season 2!


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    Alicia Greenrabbit — January 21, 2014 @ 3:39 pm

    Don’t stop wearing them, because if you do ,you won’t be able to wear them again. I lived in them for years then I stopped ,practical nursing shoe took over and now I get dizzy from the height! please give in to the bunions,pain in your feet or the
    un -stretchable calf muscle. Those boots are worth it all!


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    Larry — January 21, 2014 @ 4:24 pm

    I’ve only ever seen the first episode of Grils but they have it at Target, so I’m thinking of just getting it. I LOVE shows that make you feel uncomfortable, haha. That’s why I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE The Office so much (seen all the episodes too many times).

    Let’s do lunch. I love me a taco salad.


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    Ashley — January 21, 2014 @ 4:56 pm

    I love Nashville! One of my favorite shows that’s on right now! And I’ve recently gotten hooked on Chicago Fire, too! So good!


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    robyn - thebohobirdy — January 21, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

    re: GIRLS – what the heck happened to Gabby Hoffman?! The last time I remember seeing her was Now and Then! I LOVED that movie! and now? ACK!


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    David @ From Ballparks to BBQ — January 21, 2014 @ 5:25 pm

    The milkshake menu at Burgatory is RIDICULOUS!


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    samantha — January 21, 2014 @ 5:32 pm

    I just got a new job at a bakery and the owner (my boss) keeps telling me ‘here, try this’ or ‘here, I just made this, try it and tell me what you think’. So on my first day of work I ate three scones, a cookie, and a biscotti. Yes, I really love this new job of mine. However, I’m going to hate those 10 pounds I’ll undoubtedly put on. But how can you say no to free baked goods that you’re getting paid to eat?


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    Izy — January 21, 2014 @ 5:47 pm

    TOTALLY into the new season of Girls, I’m so happy that it’s better than those final episodes of last season!
    When I was coming back from NYC last year, I had to get an EXTRA suitcase because I’d bought too many plates/weck jars to fit into my original suitcase, even though I’d maaajorly under-packed my original suitcase :/ Then I turned into one of those people whose ‘carry on’ is actually a wheelie bag. Filled with props. WHOOPS!
    Thanks for the link love, too!! :)


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    Melissa @ Treats With a Twist — January 21, 2014 @ 5:59 pm

    Seriously crying over the comma post!


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    Amber - Loves Food, Loves to Eat — January 21, 2014 @ 6:34 pm

    I liked the latest episode of Girls (the birthday party) but the first 2 of the season felt like they were all just over-doing their characters. Like they were SNL spoofs of themselves, especially Shosh. And, OMG… just read a comment above… NO WONDER I RECOGNIZED ADAM’S SISTER. FREAKING GABBY HOFFMAN! WUT!


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    Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) — January 21, 2014 @ 6:40 pm

    I need to catch up on the new season of Girls–haven’t watched an episode yet. And oh my god, that comma thing is so funny. I laughed out loud at number 7.

    Have a great trip!!!


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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs — January 21, 2014 @ 6:51 pm

    Oh man — the comma link is so good! :)


  23. #
    Erin Masi — January 21, 2014 @ 7:32 pm

    Do you watch Scandal?! I’m hooked!!!!!

    Also, I live in SLC!! What are you coming here for??


  24. #
    Sarah @ The Cyclist's Wife — January 21, 2014 @ 8:24 pm

    Oh Marnie. Poor girl.


  25. #
    Mariah and Coty@quirksandtwists — January 21, 2014 @ 8:53 pm

    I’ll take a milkshake with a rice krispy treat hanging from it any day!


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    Averie @ Averie Cooks — January 21, 2014 @ 9:04 pm

    Have fun on your trip and overpacking, well, it happens. It’s impossible to pre-plan outfits and needs sometimes for certain events so it’s really better you just pack half your closet. At least that’s what I do :)


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    Jennifer S — January 21, 2014 @ 9:18 pm

    One thing that helps me when I find myself over packing is limiting yourself to like two pairs of shoes. Then every article of clothing you’re going to wear has to match with those shoes, and that also helps to eliminate jewelry and makeup. Also, you only need like two undershirts and two bras and one eyeshadow palette. You can do it! Also, that cake looks amazing and I will be 100% surprised if I don’t end up making that this week.


  28. #
    Dominique @ Eat, Pray, Lift — January 21, 2014 @ 9:31 pm

    Well, I about gave myself a hernia laughing at the reasons to use commas. So that’s where my maturity level is at today…and/or always.


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    Nicole — January 22, 2014 @ 7:12 am

    4. I envy you. I’ve never been able to do high heels. I always feel like my feet are on fire and then I end up having a bad day/night.

    8. I love Girls. I agree that it’s awkward, SO AWKWARD, but it’s also addictive. I recently rewatched seasons 1 and 2 and watched about 4-5 episodes in one sitting. So easy to do. It’s relatable, but not. Sometimes I see myself in the characters and think ‘id totally do that’, but then Hannah says something rediculous about date rape and my jaw hits the floor.


  30. #
    Sophie — January 22, 2014 @ 7:44 am

    I love this list, it’s brightened my morning! Totally with you on the films front!



  31. #
    Lauren Scott — January 22, 2014 @ 2:52 pm

    I need Avery and Juliette to be together since like September!

    Do you not watch Parenthood?! It is quite possibly one of the best shows EVER…E.V.E.R. And stuff just got real crazy this season. I’m obsessed with that family.


  32. #
    Deirdre — January 22, 2014 @ 6:48 pm

    Ha ha girls is full of ‘secondhand embarrassment’ alright. Squirming on the couch. Love Shosh.

    Deirdre@ thekitschcook.blogspot.com


  33. #
    Jill — January 22, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

    You must watch Scandal!


  34. #
    Kristin Thomas — January 22, 2014 @ 7:16 pm

    Girls! i am still shivering every time i think about the q-tip scenes YIKES!


  35. #
    Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen — January 22, 2014 @ 8:37 pm

    I am loving Girls so far except it makes no sense that Charlie is gone. I understand why he left in real life but they could have at least showed something that would help it make sense. When we last left them they were going to be together forever!


  36. #
    Trish — January 22, 2014 @ 9:20 pm

    Holy moly that shake sounds incredible! And woah, Girls is the best ever. I’ve loved every season, and I am loving this one!


  37. #
    justine — January 23, 2014 @ 6:33 am

    Jax Teller!!!! yummy love SOA! Like emotionally attached status. If you haven’t watched LOST on Netflix you should, i know it sounds weird but its amazing. Shameless on Showtime is good too, the American one, not the British one.


  38. #
    Heather — January 23, 2014 @ 10:04 am

    I made the sticky, healthy cake last night, and oh my god, what a treat! I couldn’t believe how healthy it was too! I made it even a little bit more healthy by substituting the powdered sugar in the glaze for heated coconut oil and dark chocolate. My facebook blew up after, I showed pictures of the cake, and now everyone wants the recipe! Ha, thanks for posting!!


  39. #
    Emily @ Life on Food — January 26, 2014 @ 7:09 am

    I went to an all girls college. Girls reminds me so much of being there. Sad I know. I am mortified by the show most of the time but I cannot pull myself away.


  40. #
    Laurie E. — January 29, 2014 @ 11:22 am

    I ♥ Avery. Swooon.


  41. #
    Jessica — February 2, 2014 @ 12:13 pm

    I’m a few weeks behind in my blog reading so I’m just catching up and Iove how obsessed you are with Sons of Anarchy! I took 13 days off of work over the holidays and I watched all six seasons in exactly one week. We’re talking 10-12 hours a day, watching until 6am, then sleeping until noon and repeating the process. The first time I left the house (about 3 days into my binge, I swore I was on the lookout for Mayans and Niners everywhere I went. It was both the most and least productive Christmas break I’ve ever had.


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