photo an hour I

Photo An Hour.



Tuesday Things.

1. I will never stop eating my desserts like a five year old. Meaning, color overload. That being said, I usually only consider froyo to be a SNACK. 2. So a...

a little sunday drive I

a photo bomb ode to my favorite season.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream I

Tuesday Things.

1. I have a problem. See above. 2. Completely freaking over these salted caramel apple dumplings. The pictures… gah. Actually, the whole blog. 3. I put it out there on Facebook...


1. These are seriously the most insane waffle sandwiches I’ve ever seen. Love so much. 2. Yesterday I made a pie. And I didn’t lose it. Didn’t throw anything, including a...


  the nars eye paint in ubangi. i mentioned this in my beauty faves this month – i’d love to use this as eyeliner. the new deborah lippman glitters,...


1. My husband and I are on a huge grape kick. Like the fruit – no, not the flavor. I was always the kid that ate around every grape popsicle and...