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Tuesday Things.

1. Even though I had two failed attempts at buttercream last week, I still had to snap that obligatory meringue-on-the-whisk photo. And trust me, the fails had nothing to do with...



Tuesday Things.

1. I wore my favorite neon pink heels on Sunday night to see a show with my parents and you would have thought that I had a freaking scarlet letter A...


Tuesday Things.

1. Even my froyo demonstrates how I manage to cover everything in sprinkles and sparkles and pink. I don’t even like those frosted animal cookies (iced are where it’s at… duh)...


All vinyasa scarves. Oh my gosh. I have multiples (like the striped pink one above) and wear them CONSTANTLY. I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed with a piece of clothing...


oh my gahhhh. I’m so excited to talk about makeup. Is this okay? Can we talk about makeup for a minute? After some prodding on instagram, pinterest and facebook I decided...