Tuesday Things.

1. I’ve been cleaning one of our spare bedrooms all day long, in which I’ve come across a handful of dead stinkbugs, like 18 pairs of shoes I forgot about, and...



Best weekend ever.

Friday + Saturday.

Courtesy of Instagram. I may never pick up my DSLR again. Uh… that second to last picture? My husband’s lunch. Double burger with a side of protein bar. This is my...

I’m in Love.

With Bella the puppy. With Instagram. (my username is howsweeteats!) Oh! And with you. Have a fantabulous Friday.

All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Sadly, yesterday we ended up having to put our family dog, Winnie, down. I know I told you guys about the seizures that she randomly started having only 3 weeks ago,...

Tuesday Things… On a Wednesday.

1. My days are seriously screwed up. I went the majority of yesterday actually thinking that it was Monday, and talked to my mom for 10 minutes today thinking that it...

Late To The Partay.

What’s apps should I get? And yes, I already have angry birds, words with friends, fruit ninja and instagram. What should I use for Twitter? Haaaalp me!