Up In The Air.

I.am.beat. I just came back from an amazing, inspirational, motivational, life-changing week spent in Austin for the IACP. I’m over-stimulated. Hungry. Exhausted. And still sweating. But before I crawl under the...

Tuesday Things.

1. I did something really dumb. I dipped a pretzel in the Trader Joe’s salted caramel. I don’t even like pretzels. Now all I have is a jar with pretzels sticks...

The Weekend.

I’m happy.

My I’m-Secretly-60-Years-Old Summer Playlist.

  Now please excuse me while I go remove my dentures and put on my housecoat.

Tuesday Things.

1. I am insanely enamored with every swimsuit from Anthropologie.  I think they are the epitome of class. I really want this one. But I really want this one. And this....

I Exercised Today.

My baking muscle got one heck of a workout.

Babies Like Cupcakes.

So. My BFF had a baby today! I did what any normal person would do and baked cupcakes. You tweeted me excellent treat ideas this morning, but I stuck with good...