Why is this in my fridge? Better yet, it’s not even in my crisper drawer, otherwise known as “the place vegetables go to die.” Why?

Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Yesterday wasn’t just Valentine’s Day. It marked one year since I had seen my grandma (my paternal grandmother, not Mother Lovett) for the last time. I’ve mentioned it before, but I...

What I Got For Valentine’s Day.

Does he know me or what?

To My Valentine.

To My Valentine.

You’re cute. And I like you. Lots.

Mr. How Sweet’s Valentine’s Day Feast.

He kicked butt! Kale chips. Mashed potatoes. Filet mignon with gorgonzola cream sauce. Mango sorbet and sprinkles. Mmmm mmm.

Mr. How Sweet Went To Trader Joe’s…

…without me!! I almost cried. It’s only my favorite place on Earth. And it’s 40 minutes away! But he did bring back some flowers to soften the blow. Aren’t they pretty?...

This Just Happened.

Guess we gotta drink the whole bottle now!