Some Place Else I’d Rather Be.

Things I’m over: snow, rain, ice, below freezing temperatures, shoveling, gloves, slush, short days. Things I’m craving: sun, warmth, breezy days, water, sand, chilled glasses of riesling. And when I say...

I’m Totally Doing It.

I’m cleaning as I go! Even if I’m one shade away from overflowing the sink.

The Best Part of Recipe Development.

Quality control.

Comfort Food.

Comfort Food.

Mr. How Sweet is still on the mend. He is doing great, while I on the other hand am a neurotic freak. But that’s nothing new. I was so excited when...



When in doubt, eat ice cream.

How To Stay In Love With Your Husband.

Ignore these. And this. And obviously these. But especially this. Oh, and don’t forget about this.

I’ve Always Wanted A Spice Grinder.

As I was prepping lunch today, I picked up the pepper mill to freshly grind some black pepper. And as soon as I turned it to grind, the top (bottom?) fell...