My dad and I have been stuck in New York City for over 24 hours. There is just a “little bit of snow.” The good news? I had the best $14...

7 People I’d Love To Be In The Kitchen With.

While I was covered in chocolate from head to toe this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the long list of people I’d love to create a meal with. And...

The Sign of a Successful Weekend.

My Current Favorite Power Snacks.

We all know I get bored easily. Really bored. So when a snack stays with me for more than a month, it’s huge. These are my fast and easy staples, what...

One Of Those Weeks.

On Monday, I spilled an entire bowl of tomato soup on our like-new beige carpeting. It literally flew 15 feet in each direction. At least I had enough sense to not...

Just Another Day In Paradise.


What Resolution?