You Can Never Have Enough Of These.

You’ll see what I mean tomorrow. And then you may hate me. Or love me. I apologize in advance. But not really.

I Roasted a Chicken!

And I survived! For some reason, roasting a chicken has scared me to death. Most likely because I despise touching raw meat. But today, I conquered those fears, even if I...

There Are So Many Things Wrong Here.

The hat. The tattoo. The lack of sleeves. This morning he walked down stairs with his arms wide open and said, “I’m like Garth freaking Brooks.” I guess he’s feeling better.

Oh What a Night.

Oh What a Night.

The above title should probably read “oh what a day,” but I’ll use any excuse to throw some Jersey Boys lyrics into a post title since they’ve only been in my...

Uh Oh.

Uh Oh.

The snow is coming. I have an entire pan of gooey butter cake sitting in my kitchen. I’m...

My Perfect Smoothie Ingredients.

This morning our driveway was a solid sheet of ice. See? But instead of lacing up my skates, I thought it was the perfect morning for a smoothie. Or not. I...

Mr. How Sweet Goes To The Store… Again?!

I’ll just never learn. This time, he came back with over 12 bags of brown rice. Quite a change from his last two trips. But that’s all he came back with.