Every Weekend.

Every Weekend.

Should begin with a cookie. I think this is the best batch I’ve ever made. If you do one thing this weekend, bake some. Oh, and eat some bacon.

Julie and Jessica.

So this awesome blogger, Julie, has started a cooking challenge and guess what it is? She is making a recipe from How Sweet It Is everyday for a year! She has...

Having a Moment.

Having a Moment.

Since Sunday, I’ve been sneaking random bites of brownie cake… but just the parts with sprinkles. You guys always ask what happens to all of our baked goods. Now you know.

Random Acts of Kindness.

On Tuesday afternoon, I walked to the mailbox to find an unexpected package. I opened it and was presented with these beauties: Along with a note from Janetha, who mentioned that...

Some Place Else I’d Rather Be.

Things I’m over: snow, rain, ice, below freezing temperatures, shoveling, gloves, slush, short days. Things I’m craving: sun, warmth, breezy days, water, sand, chilled glasses of riesling. And when I say...

I’m Totally Doing It.

I’m cleaning as I go! Even if I’m one shade away from overflowing the sink.

The Best Part of Recipe Development.

Quality control.