What’s In Our Freezer Right Now.

I didn’t even attempt to clean out the freezer like I did with the fridge. But I did snap some photos! [more frozen fruit that is probably...

What’s In Our Fridge Right Now.

Tonight I decided to (sort of) clean out the fridge, which is something I do about once a year month. I really need to do it more often. It is still...

The Sign of a Good Day.

When Bloggers Unite.

Where do they go? To the grocery store of course. We are not hard to please. Ashley came into town with her awesome mom, aunt and cousin, so Abby + her...

I Need Some Help Over Here.

It seems I’ve overbaked.



We should all enjoy cupcakes this much.

Why I Don’t Want a Kindle.

The only thing that rivals my passion for food and cooking is reading books. Holding books in my hand. Smelling them. Seeing them sitting on my shelf. Finding a book that...