Mr. How Sweet Continues The Tradition.

Many of you have been asking if Mr. How Sweet continued his Christmas tradition. The answer is YES!

The How Sweet Cookie Tray.

As put together by Mr. How Sweet. Delivering a big virtual one of these to your doorstep today!



I’ve Had Enough.

When I came home tonight and discovered I was out of eggs, I decided I was done baking. I’ve had enough. I put the finishing touches on the red velvet cake...

What To Add To Your Wedding Registry: Part One.

I recently received an email from Jessie asking me for some suggestions on what to add to her wedding registry to make her more savvy and domestic in the kitchen. You...

Balls to the Wall.

Exciting news! Mr. How Sweet cleaned my stand mixer today. Too bad I didn’t notice until after I started mixing up a batch of cookies. I certainly did a number on...



As a child, I was petrified of Santa Claus. Absolutely scared out of my mind to the point that my brothers both had to sleep in my bed with me until...