cucumber soda I

Cucumber Vodka Soda.

I mean, it’s like we’re drinking SALAD. It’s so green that I feel healthier just looking at it. Don’t you?!

mini garlic butter pizzas I

Charred Tomato and Garlic Butter Mini Skillet Pizzas.

You know what? I really wanted to tell you that these were “garlic butter drenched” but then I was all… “is drenched one THOSE...

chicken feta meatballs I

Zucchini Noodles with Mini Chicken Feta and Spinach Meatballs.

It’s a Monday meal! We all have Monday meals right? I mean, besides a salad with chicken because OMGIateallthethingsthisweekend but there are a few...

rodelle fruit tart I

No-Bake Chocolate Cashew Coconut Crusted Summer Fruit Tart.

[this post is brought to you by Rodelle, who I’m partnering with in 2016 to make all sorts of delicious dessert! as always, I...

currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

{via} HI and HAPPY SUMMER! I’m officially calling it summer. It’s here. It’s done. After a super busy week, I’m excited for a break...

lemon cheesecake doughnuts I

Lemon Cheesecake Doughnuts.

Oh come on. I KNOW you need one more doughnut in your life today!! Lemon freaking cheesecake. That’s what we are doing. It’s insane...


Layered Coconut Blueberry Slushie.

This is how I wish my snacks looked every single day. Instead, it’s often a spoon covered in peanut butter finding it’s way into...