currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

{via} Happy weekend! I sort of want to OD on ice cream right about now so that might be plan. It’s coming from my...

chocolate tres leches cake I

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake.

I have the chocolate cake to end all chocolate cakes. Because it’s simple, sort of quick, and get this – drenched in CHOCOLATE MILK....

watermelon mint julep-2

Fresh Watermelon Mint Juleps.

Let’s play a game. I’ll go first. Never have I ever wanted to sip on a mint julep more than this watermelon one. Right...

roast tomato guac I

Roasted Tomato and Charred Lime Guacamole.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! GUAC SEASON.

hawaiian fajitas I

Hawaiian Chicken Fajitas.

Say what! I’m pretending to be all fancy with a really non-fancy recipe. It’s one you can make TONIGHT and you kinda maybe definitely...

currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

{via} THE WEEKEND! I’ve waited, well… all week! for you. How are you? How are things? April is almost over and since I’m totally...

almond crepe cake I

Almond Cream Crepe Cake.

BEHOLD the crepe cake. The crepe cake!! A freaking cake made of crepes. I’m so into it that I’m almost over it. I don’t...