pernod chicken quesadillas I

Honey Glazed Chicken Quesadillas with Peach Guacamole.

[This post is brought to you by Pernod Classic – I’m working with them to create a few recipes this summer with their delicious...

currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

HI! We are venturing home from vacation today (saddest face ever) and I’m being a whiny brat about it. I hate to leeeeave. Growing up,...

chipotle bacon blue cheese pizza I

Chipotle Candied Bacon and Smoked Blue Cheese Pizza.

On a garlicky herb crust! That’s a mouthful. In the best way possible. Are you ready to be flavor punched in the face?!

coconut rainbow smoothie bowl I

Rainbow Coconut Smoothie Bowls.

A RAINBOW! We’re eating a rainbow. I don’t think it’s any secret that for me, this is the year of the smoothie bowl. Which...

shrimp carbonara I

Summer Shrimp and Charred Corn Pasta Carbonara.

I’m hereby declaring this my favorite meal of the summer! Except for garden-fresh tomatoes. And burrata. And anything that remotely resembles some version of caprese....

olive oil banana muffins I

Banana Muffins with Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate.

It’s muffin Monday! Let’s make that a thing. The good news is that I’m sort of already making it a thing. Every Monday I’ve...

currently crushing on I

Currently Crushing On.

Hiiii from my most favorite place ever! We are in Northern Michigan and I’m a little late with my weekly favorites due to spotty wifi, but...