thin crust pizza I

THIS pizza. This pizza is everything. I don’t even know where to start because everything PIZZA. And not just any pizza. Thin crust pizza! Thin and crispy crust pizza. Thin and crusty...

memorial day I

thank you to those who gave their lives for our country & those who continue to protect. xoxo 

pimms cups I

If you do one thing this weekend… …run to the store and buy some Pimm’s! We’re making the ultimate summer cocktail right now. It’s super refreshing. I swear. Get out the chips...

currently crushing on I

{via} these fried caprese bombs. whaaaat. this toasted coconut rum iced coffee. whoa. this quinoa, mint and stone fruit salad. pretty. this ramp green pesto pizza. want. these twix brownies. totally craving....

goat cheese burgers I

No, I didn’t find everything in my fridge and put it on a burger. Why do you ask? Except that I sort of did. 

BLT dip I

Ooooooh summer is a comin’! Guys. I can’t even wait. I am so excited for this long weekend, so excited for these next few months, I can’t even staaaaaand myself at...

bbq chicken lettuce wraps I

Just look at all this green! Who am I? What’s my name? Where is my chocolate and pizza dough and cheese? I don’t even know me anymore.