white christmas margarita punch I howsweeteats.com-9

White Christmas Margarita Punch.

No need to dream of your white Christmas today. I’ve got it in a glass! With tequila. Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

salted peanut butter shortbread I howsweeteats.com-6

Salted Peanut Butter Shortbread.

Dipped in the richest chocolate ever. I’ve never liked shortbread! Never ever ever. Lots of evers here. I always thought it was dry and...

arancini I howsweeteats.com-11

Fontina, Roasted Garlic and Goat Cheese Arancini.

I’m giving you a big arancini kiss right now. In the form of melted cheese surrounded by rice, roasted garlic, most m cheese (because always)...

currently crushing on I howsweeteats.com

Currently Crushing On.

{via} HI. It’s finally cold and sort of snowy! Ew, I know, so cliche and what a snoozefest to talk about the weather but...

peppermint macs I howsweeteats.com-3

Pink Peppermint Bark Macarons.

This is a huge day! Because I successfully made macarons without 1. having a myocardial infarction 2. getting divorced 3. throwing my <insert kitchen...

croque monsieur crostini I howsweeteats.com-7

Croque Monsieur Crostini.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the way to my heart is through a block of cheese. It’s like, newsflash! Oh wait, except...

bucatini pie I howsweeteats.com-6

Cheesy Bucatini Pie with Mini Meatballs.

Oh hello! I made you a pie. A pie of pasta. Can we still be friends? Just trust me on this one. I know...