Category: Dessert

strawberry turnover I

Mini Strawberry Pistachio Turnovers.

chocolate fudge donuts I

Baked Chocolate Fudge Doughnuts.

coffee chocolate mousse I

Whipped Tiramisu Coffee Chocolate Mousse.


Pomegranate Vanilla Skillet Cobbler.


Cinnamon Sugar Apple Puff Pastry.


Toasted Marshmallow, Quinoa and Cashew Butter Rice Krispie Treats.


Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Doughnuts.

rainbow froyo pops I

Fruity Rainbow Froyo Pops.

frozen banana creams I

Frozen Banana Creams.

rodelle fruit tart I

No-Bake Chocolate Cashew Coconut Crusted Summer Fruit Tart.

lemon cheesecake doughnuts I

Lemon Cheesecake Doughnuts.

rose tart I

5 Ingredient Strawberry Rose Tart.

chocolate oat bars I

Chocolate Stuffed Oatmeal Bars.

pineapple pavlova I

Marshmallow Pavlova with Pineapple Curd.

champagne marshmallows I

Chocolate Dipped Mini Champagne Marshmallows with Blood Orange Sugar.

cashew butter cups I

Toasted Quinoa Cashew Butter Cups.

champagne caramels I

Potato Chip Salted Champagne Caramels.

lindt PB bark I

Pretzel Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Bark.

popcorn s'mores I

Buttered Popcorn Marshmallow S’mores.

watermelon pops I

Salted Watermelon Margarita Popsicles.

nutella pops I

Nutella S’mores Puff Pastry Pop Tarts.

snacksicles I

Late Night Snacksicles.

fruit parfaits I

Brown Butter Shortbread Parfaits with Coconut Cream.

tres leches donut I

Tres Leches Cake Donuts.

mint julep fruit I

Strawberry Mango Mint Julep Fruit Salad with Whipped Marshmallow.

peeps smores I

Chocolate Peanut Butter PEEPS Skillet S’mores!

chocolate covered grapes I

Embarrassingly Easy Chocolate Covered Grape Skewers.