Mornin’ friends! :)

How are you all doing this morning? Planning goals for 2010? Don’t forget – this coming week I will be posting more on the No More Resolutions Workout Program. Be sure to check it out!

Do you classify certain foods as good or bad? I can’t help but notice a lot of people talking about foods that are ‘bad.’ I think it is so important to note that food is not good or bad – it is just food. Too much of anything can be harmful to our bodies. I think the first step to developing a healthy relationship with food is to realize that there is not one right way for each person to eat. Food is food – it is not good or bad – it is how we consume it. Eating clean doesn’t mean foods need to be bland. In fact, I don’t even like the term ‘clean.’

(Probably because I don’t like to clean anything.)

I find it very disturbing when someone says ‘I don’t eat that.’ If it is because the person does not like the food, there are ethical reasons behind their decision, or the food does not agree with them, that is one thing. But for someone to restrict a food they may enjoy because it has been deemed ‘bad?’ That is not healthy.

I have always developed very balanced, lifestyle-based programs for my clients. I never want them to feel that a food is ‘out of bounds.’ Everything can be consumed in moderation. Sure, I can develop a ‘meal plan’ for someone to drop weight quickly, but what does one learn from that? In my experience, they learn more restrictive behavior from those types of meal plans.

Regardless, I don’t like the terms ‘clean’ or ‘diet’ when it comes to food. Food is food, and we should consume it as needed and wanted as fuel for our body. We should consume the things that make us feel physically and mentally alert, full of nutritious value. And of course, with lots of treats. ;)

What is your relationship with food like?

If you are concerned about weight gain, enjoying yourself, or finding the time to workout during this holiday week, check out my tips for staying healthy during the holidays.

25 Days of Workouts

I posted this workout a few months ago, and I have to admit that while it is a tremendous booty-kicker, it is so fun! Read through the instructions a few times – don’t be intimidated. It really is not very complicated and can be a blast! :)

For this workout, you need:

  • 4 cones or markers (you only need these if you are outdoors to mark 4 corners)
  • a mat
  • one moderate-heavy dumbbell (think 15-20lbs)
  • set of light-moderate dumbbells (think 5-15lbs)
  • one resistance band

To begin, mark 4 corners if you are outdoors, creating a large square. If you are indoors, you already have your four corners.


  • the set of dumbbells in the 1st corner
  • the one heavier dumbbell in the 2nd corner
  • the mat in the 3rd corner
  • the resistance band in the 4th corner

From the distance from one marker to the other (or one corner to the other), each exercise is performed:

from the first corner to the second corner: bear crawls

from the second corner to the third corner: high knees

from the third corner to the fourth corner: crab walks

from the fourth corner to the first corner: sprint

The first set of exercises are:

1st corner: 20 alternating lunges with dumbbells

2nd corner: 20 plie’ squats with the single dumbbell

3rd corner: 20 pushups

4th corner: 15 side lateral raises with resistance band

The circuit should go: 20 alternating lunges, bear crawl to the 2nd corner, 20 plie’ squats, high knees to the 3rd corner, 20 pushups, crab walks to the 4th corner, side lateral raises, sprint back to the first corner. REPEAT.

Get it?

After completing it twice, we move on to the next set of exercises.

The second set of exercises are:

1st corner: overhead dumbbell shoulder press, while standing

2nd corner: 20 burpees

3rd corner: plank hold, sing the ABC’s 5 times to hold it.

4th corner: 20 biceps curls with resistance band

The same traveling exercises are done inbetween corners. REPEAT.

It can seem complicated, but this is a very fun workout with friends or a group. Also, if you happen to be a trainer, I have performed workouts like these on many clients. They love the them – it is a nice change from the normal routine of free weights and machines.