Sexy Shoulders!

Good evening. :)

I shopped til I dropped tonight! I am now happily watching Home Alone. I <3 Christmas movies.

Don’t forget! The first week of of January will be the workout challenge! I’ll be posting a strength training plan for beginners, intermediate, and advanced for 12 whole weeks. Set some goals to get strong, look hot, and be super confident! :)

25 Days of Workouts


There is nothing sexier than some shapely shoulders on a woman. Did you know that developing your shoulder muscles will actually make you waist appear smaller? If that isn’t enough to get your moving, imagine how strong you will be.

25 Pushups

4 sets of 10:

Staggered arm pushups (10 each side)

Overhead dumbbell press


Upright dumbbell row

Side lateral raises

Front raises

45 seconds mountain climbers
10 burpees
25 pushups

Have any of your increased your pushup numbers, or began doing them each day? I promise they will make you feel fabulous!

Til’ next time. :)