While at the beach, I think the majority of my family became obsessed with breakfast sandwiches. On top of our daily ice cream cone after a big bike ride, many ended up getting the most amazing breakfast sandwiches from a little spot on the boardwalk. They were the best thing ever.

I seriouslycouldn’twait to come home and make fun breakfast sandwiches. One of the favorite combos was eggs grilled with peppers and spinach, topped with cheese and paired with sausage or bacon on an everything bagel. I looooove everything bagels. I want to marry them.

Since I’m still battling Sinus Infection 2011 that has stripped me of 3 of the 5 senses, I made this kinda-boring-but-still-delicious breakfast sandwich for my husband this morning. I can’t wait until I can taste things again and make my ideal breakfast sandwich: grilled eggs with caramelized onions and mushrooms, maybe even some spinach, and gouda or gruyere on an everything bagel. WANT.

What’s your ideal breakfast sandwich?