Some people dream of going to Disney World; I dream of going to Trader Joe’s.

I also spent a good hour taking & uploading pictures of my groceries today. I think I’m a bit loopy. You may think I have no life. I find I fall somewhere in the middle.

I thought I was being secretive and all, telling you that I “just returned from my favorite place” on Facebook, but you know me too well. Almost every single one of you on Facebook and Twitter guessed Trader Joe’s. I guess I’m an open book.


So here’s a serious question… do you think I got enough mandarin orange chicken?

According to Mr. How Sweet, probably not. There is some sweet and sour chicken up there too. One bag equals one meal for him. If I am not home/don’t cook, it’s either a bag of this or a frozen Laura’s lean beef burger.


And I found this too! I think this is new?

Hopefully this is as delicious as the orange chicken. Minus the broccoli of course.


I also bought him these mini pizzas for snacks.

Some people eat apples for snacks. He needs an apple, a banana, and some form of meal as a snack. These little pizzas have less than 300 calories and 12 grams of protein, which he will tell me is not nearly enough… but I think they’ll work.


I have no idea how these ended up in my cart.

I’ve heard rave reviews from many of you and reallllly want to try making my own veggie/bean burger soon. Hopefully I’ll like these – smothered in three cheeses and some bacon of course. I’m also 99% sure they are soy-free. But I’m too lazy to get off the couch and double check.


A chicken for roasting.


An impulse purchase.

These sounded SO good to me. I think it’s the idea of “comfort food” considering I have a massive sinus infection right now. I also had bought a ton of produce already this week, so I spent an extra long time perusing the beautiful frozen processed food aisle. I’ve never eaten frozen meals, and Trader Joe’s has the best!




Double yum.


Favorite hummus.

Nothing compares to this!


Some treats.


Trader Joe’s FINALLY has kale!

I’ve never bought kale that is packaged in a bag before, but Trader Joe’s is so cheap compared to my local grocery store and I plan on using it for kale chips only – so I’m hoping it’s a hit.


Some produce.

Mushrooms, jalapenos, peppers and green beans. Produce is my FAVORITE reason to go to TJ’s. They have the best fruit and vegetables (yuck).


I want to combine these with some of that mozzarella above.

And salt + olive oil + basil. And crumbled bacon. Mmmmm.


Cereals and English muffins.


Snackity snacks.


Our favorite on-the-go snack!


Some replacement staples/condiments.

Nothing new here, but we love the sweet chili sauce and TJ’s soy. I am also completely obsessed with their vanilla extract. I want to drink it.


I quickly detoured to Whole Foods, mainly because I saw these coconut bars in the most recent issue of Real Simple and was praying Whole Foods would have them. I am a coconut freak! Gimme gimme gimme.

No luck.

So I got some of this super seedy bread instead.


And THIS. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this.

I have been eyeing this for a few months (I saw it in McGinnis Sisters in early Spring) and finally picked some up. Turns out this is a local company too! Just give me a spoon.


Some of this deliciousness.

I am really weird about drinks. I highly dislike carbonation as it burns my throat, chest and nose, but there are a handful of beverages that I adore.


The lack of the coconut bars was made up for by these.

I probably would have ripped into this, but considering I can’t smell, taste or find my appetite, I didn’t want to waste them.


So that’s it! I’m done being a freak and posting my groceries on the internet. Now the real question is… when will pluots be back in season? They are one of my favorite summer fruits!