This has my name alllll over it.

Cake Batter Martinis I

I know I just shared a big, fuzzy drink with you yesterday but before you go voting me off the island, hear me out.



I teased you about it last week and couldn’t wait another day to share!


So here’s the deal. I strive my hardest to develop recipes to share with you guys that are simple, easy, and most importantly – filled with accessible ingredients that you most likely have on hand.

This obviously doesn’t fit that bill… but can you blame me?


I have no issue running to the grocery store and spending major bucks to create a recipe to tell you about… however, I just can’t justify dropping a benny at the liquor store for one outlandish drink that I may sip once a year. I had all of these ingredients on hand – except for creme do cacao, which I did purchase (it was cheap: $11.)

[And really, while we’re in the circle of trust here I will tell you that I searched high and low (read: 5 different liquor stores) for this cake-flavored vodka. If you can find it… smuggle me a bottle. I’ll zip my lips.]

Cake Batter Martinis I

I highly suggest buying the whipped cream vodka because, um… well hello? It’s whipped cream vodka. For reals. And the Godiva liqueur is just… white chocolate liqueur… does it need an explanation?

K. I’m gonna shut up now because I have you convinced to go buy 7 bottles of booze while you’re still in your pajamas.


I’ll be honest: I didn’t have high expectations for this drink. I love my heavy cream in everything from brownies to mac and cheese, but in my alcoholic drinks? Not a fan. Don’t even try to give me a white russian. But this totally changed my mind. I’m not sure I could drink more than one (okay… who are we kidding…), but they were super fun actually tasted like cake batter. Once in a lifetime drink if ya ask me!

Cake Batter Martinis I

Cake Batter Martinis

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  • 1 ounce amaretto
  • 1 1/2 ounces Pinnacle whipped cream vodka
  • 1 1/2 ounces creme de cacao
  • 1/2 ounce Godiva white chocolate liqueur
  • 1 ounce heavy cream
  • assorted sprinkles, nonpareils work best
  • frosting


  • Using your finger, coat the rim of your glass with frosting – make sure not to miss any spots! Dump sprinkles on a plate and press glass rim into sprinkles, pressing to adhere. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for about 30 seconds. Strain into glass and drink!
  • [If you do not want to buy any of these crazy ingredients, try the original version I adapted above which only requires vanilla vodka. It is still delicious but wasn’t quite “cupcake material” in my opinion. But you know I’m whack.]


adapted from grin and bake it

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I appreciate you so much!

Cake Batter Martinis I

Oh P.S. -> just don’t look in the mirror after you’re done. Your lips and tongue will be sprinkle-colored. Totally worth it. Now no more drink recipes! [until next weekend.]