Homemade Smashing S’mores.

I’m blurry. Don’t mind me. My photographer was too busy chewing.

Smashing S’mores

copied after Trader Joe’s smashing s’mores

makes however many you want



graham crackers

chocolate chips or bar chocolate, melted

Melt a tiny bowl of chocolate to use as “glue.” Melt more chocolate (I used about 1 cup of chocolate chips) in a deep glass or mug to make it easy for dipping.

Break grahams into fours, then cut or snap each slice into squares. Use a dab of chocolate to “glue” the squares together, then add one more dab on top of the top graham and press the marshmallow down. Let sit for 30-60 minutes (or place in the fridge for about 15 if impatient) or until the grahams and marshmallows are “stuck” together. Using a thin fork or long pointy tool (I used a fondue dipped) and press it into the top of the marshmallow gently. Dip it in the chocolate and cover as much as you can. Remove and let set on wax paper, adding more chocolate to the top if you’d like.

I stored mine in the fridge but they are fine at room temperature too!

If smashing s’mores aren’t your thing, then maybe you can make some brownies or bars or throw s’mores in a jar or even make a pie. And if s’mores just aren’t your thing, well then… I don’t even know you anymore.