Guess what? Today marks day 730 on this blog!

If you’re anything like me, this puts your head in a fog

730 days actually means that it’s been two years

and honestly, some days I can only write after three beers.

I’ve found these past 24 months to be totally crazy

especially since my second post was about Patrick Swayze

and multiple times I’ve told you how I’m really very lazy

and how my husband has this weird thing for Scorcese.


There’s been so many of you that I’ve wanted to kiss

because you read my rambles back when I posted pictures like this:

One thing I’m most proud of is that I never sell out,

except for these ads on my side bar which… I don’t know much about.


And okay… maybe my photography’s improved

but I’ve stayed true to myself and never removed

the recipes or posts of which some of you disapproved

even though I just might have… sat here and stewed.

There’s a secret to blogging that most don’t want to face

it has nothing to do with the chase or stats race

it’s about being yourself and sharing what you adore

and showing your readers appreciation galore.


I’ve clocked more time in the kitchen than I’d like to admit

and even sat behind this computer throwing a fit

but you leave me plenty of comments that make me jolly and weepy,

but a few of them? Yeah… they’re sort of creepy.

From pancakes to chicken to salsa that is blue

you’ve even got me to eat vegetables – something I swore I’d never do.

If you want to come visit I’ll feed you more food than you can chew

and some exceptional dessert that just makes you want to moo.


I’ve made muffins and pasta and waffles just for us

and many days I’m sure you wish I’d pick up a thesaurus.

But I can’t help it if I always seems “obsessed”

because it seems that the sugar has left me a mess.


Now is the time where I get sort of sappy

because truly, you guys make me terribly happy,

even on days when I’m really quite snappy

because the cake that I made you looks seriously crappy.

I can’t tell you how much joy you bring into my days

it’s a total cliche but it’s definitely not a phase

for this site would be nothing without each of you

to listen to the constant ridiculousness I spew.


Thank you for visiting me each morning and night

you make every minute of my life that much more bright

now if only I could gain a few more inches of height

I could stop wearing these stupid stilettos that give me a fright.