1. I made these cupcakes today for my brother’s students because I am a huge pushover who can’t say no a nice sister.

2. I listened to the Steely Dan Pandora station while baking those cupcakes. I have no idea how old I am.

3. Please tell me everyone has a drawer like this.

Actually, please tell my husband. Because I think he wants a divorce over it. And like, all that junk on the right side? It’s also under the foil and towels and all over the drawer and stuff. Actually, please tell him that it’s normal to have three or four drawers like this. Everyone needs a crap drawer. Or four.

4. Today is the day that you can buy one of my favorite bloggers’ amazing book. I wish my life looked like the inside of it.

5. I am obsessed with these cheapo bird earrings that I bought at Target, even though I secretly hate them. Like I hate them so much that I love them. Get it? People weirdly like them too, because they won’t stop asking me about my ears when I wear them.

6. It’s no secret that I inherited my dad’s sweat gene and sweat like man, but during hot yoga it gets to the point where I get ear infections (like swimmer’s ear) and feel like I went swimming and tried to breathe and inhale under water. Then I cough like a maniac from my own sweat. Isn’t this horrifying? Nothing prevents it at ALL. Maybe I’ll just stop working out forever.

7. Never mind. Because I can’t stop eating crunchy toast with cookie butter and GRATED CHOCOLATE.

8. On Friday night my husband came home after his work day, workout, and proceeded to start cutting the lawn. This is like, at least six hours without food so I sensed a major meltdown was looming and made the wise choice to buy him $24 of Italian sandwiches, buffalo chicken and meaty antipasta salad. He ate it all. In one night.

9. Who watched Girls on Sunday? What the… ? Such a mess. Such an amazing mess. Such an I-still-have-no-idea-how-to-feel-about-this-(beside insanely uncomfortable)-but-can’t-stop-watching-mess.

10. Pink jeans. Do it.

11. What are you making for dinner tonight? I’m hungry.