1. I think I’ve mentioned it at least 80 times, but you’ve gotta make these donuts. They are like the one thing I make multiple times per month. And that says a lot given my obsessive, short-attention spanned personality.

2. There is currently a ginormous spider building a fortress right outside my front door, which means I’m 1. refusing to use that entrance and 2. contacting real estate agents to put the house on the market. We even tried to kill the spider last night and it’s so big that it wouldn’t die! Can’t tell you how we tried though… you won’t be impressed.

3. A few weeks ago Kristen recommended Gone Girl and the second I read her post, I went out and bought the book and finished it in less than two days. Yes, this means I did nothing productive for two days and yes, also let a lot of important work slip by. But I love nothing more than getting lost in a book. And this totally was not my kind of book (can we say no beachy cliche romance (which um, I’m definitely currently writing myself at the moment)) either… but it was sooood good. When it ended I screamed. Literally.

4. I don’t think I’ve ever sold my obsession with peanut butter blossoms short. And now I can have one (okay… or like thirteen) giant one? Ugh. Don’t even know what to do with myself.

5. Oh and, soooo… do you know how I feel about brown butter? You have to by now. So you can imagine how I feel about this brown butter grilled BEER cheese. Stop it.

6. Totally obsessed with this celebrity question list and would love to add one for Rachel McAdams, asking 1. can we be best friends and 2. can you please just get back together with Ryan G in real life already? My world depends on it.

7. I obviously watched the Notebook a few days ago and my husband actually allowed me to watch it while a Steelers game AND a Nascar race were on, simultaneously. Maaaaaajor points. He must want something.

8. Uhh… how adorable is this? It’s me, it’s me! Alright, maybe I’m not so adorable when I sound like a brat. BUT… my BFF’s (aka face baby’s mom) aunt makes these art portraits (called apple cheeks… OMG) that tell a story and just check out the detail on here. There is even a pic of Mother Lovett in a frame back there, which is actually totally in my kitchen too. I like to think she is watching over me when really she is probably just rolling her eyes that I try to combine avocados with chocolate and blue cheese with dessert and that I even purchase bags of whole wheat flour.

P.S. I wish my legs were that long. P.P.S. don’t mind my scary reflection.

9. Waaaaay back when I was miserably job searching – which these days obviously means filling out a crappy form on the computer for 45 minutes, only to have the computer freeze or to accidentally hit the back button on your browser and lose everything – I spent countless hours waiting for companies to just OMG PLEASE CALL ME. I swore that if I could simply get in front of someone I could make a great impression, but it’s virtually impossible to get in front of someone when you’re one of ten kajillion applicants and oh – you’ve only been a personal trainer your entire life which basically requires no college degree. Because of this, I am dying over this list of reasons why you haven’t heard about that job yet. For sure made a bunch of those up in my head two years ago.

10. Not ready for summer to end but sort of ready to bust out the autumn colors. When oh when can I start wearing this color? It’s sitting on my counter BEGGING to be used.

11. Discovered a froyo place opened up relatively close to me… as opposed to 40+ minutes away like the rest are. Discovered this last Wednesday. Already been there twice. Life = over. Totally screwed.

12. Okay, I know my rants and raves about the 90s are incredibly annoying, but seriously… do you think I can just get over things like Hey Dude and playing capture the flag at dusk? Ummmmm no. And now, someone explains why I’m so hung up on it. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

13. And uh, speaking of the 90s and nail polish… THIS. Yes. That.

14. Still not really freaking out about turning 30, but actually freaking out that this means I should tone down my use of the word “like.” Do I like, really have to do that? Can we not make this happen?