Okay, time to freak out over makeup and skin care stuff again! This is all I do in my free time.

Here’s what I’m loving now and have been using consistently:

A few months ago I asked what (if any) sort of stuff I should be using on my face in my forthcoming old age. Answers we’re all across the board, ranging from “everyone should have a regimen with products!” to “don’t put anything on your face ever, except olive oil!” After lots and lots of research (I’m talking months – it is safe to say I look at reviews on makeup alley about 45 times a day, including while I’m standing in Sephora and Ulta before I buy a product), I bought this Trish McEvoy beauty booster serum. I was torn between that and the Estee Lauder advanced night repair above, but I decided to try the beauty booster first. I.freaking.loved.it. I definitely found that it improved my skin tone and I really liked the formula. Unfortunately it was pricey (I think $125) and I totally BLEW through the bottle. I definitely used too much, but whatever… live and learn.

Since the advanced night repair was much cheaper, I decided to give it a try before buying another beauty booster bottle, and it’s what I’m currently using. I like it… I still feel like it has improved my skin tone somewhat… I don’t feel quite as “glowy” as I did with the beauty booster serum, and I don’t love the formula as much. But it’s much more economical, and I feel like I should continue using it because there are so many excellent reviews. Then I get torn and wonder… do I really just *think* that I like the beauty booster serum because it’s more expensive? Do I just assume it’s better? I’m a marketer’s dream. It’s true.

Alas… that’s where I’m at. I put these on at night, then I moisturize with coconut oil or cetaphil cream. Love.

Before I do the moisturizer though, I do throw this kiehl’s avocado eye cream on around my eyes. LOVE THIS JUNK. OMG. Just love love love. Nothing else to say.

For a daytime moisturizer, I’ve been using the beauty booster SPF cream, and again – ADORE it. I bought it with the serum but clearly didn’t blow through it as quickly. I love how this makes my skin feel, and it wasn’t too heavy to use in the summer whatsoever. Most work days I don’t wear any makeup (oh my husband is just oh-so lucky), so after my post workout face wash/shower, this is all that goes on my face. It is awesome. I don’t think I could switch… but I am weird and would like to use the same brand of serum and moisturizer. Of all the things I’m insane about…

If I am going to wear makeup… I’ve been using this MAC BB beauty balm. It’s a fairly new product for me but I adore it. I put it on immediately after the moisturizer above. I’ve mentioned before that I hatehatehate putting ANYTHING on my face. I hate using foundation (never have, hopefully never will), hate using any sort of cream foundations and really don’t even like using powders. I just hate having stuff on my face, so I usually use only concealer, or maybe tinted moisturizer… or maybe nothing. This is great though – still super light and gives a teeny tiny bit of coverage. Feels like I’m wearing nothing.

As for eye stuff, I talked about my infatuation with this smashbox photo op concealer/highlighter last year. Still going strong. This is the one product I can not live without, and that’s saying a ton given my love for mascara and lipgloss. This has replaced all concealer for me. It’s amazing. Of course… the reviews are so 50/50, but that seems to happen most with products I really love. Adore this. I also really like this YSL touche eclat, but it comes second to photo op. Always.

For a shadow base, it doesn’t get better than this urban decay primer. In my opinion there is NOTHING better than this. It lasts all day, through sweat and everything. Perfection.

And since I try every mascara on the market, I have to tell you that this MAC zoom lash is STILL my favorite. Been using it since 2008 and I always come back to it. Again, the reviews on this are very split but I flipping love it. It beats all mascara for me, including the benefit they’re real! and everything else that promises to lengthen and thicken and grow your lashes to freakish standards.

Alright. Indulge me. What are you freaking out over right now?