1. This is a cable car. I drank this cable car. I loved this cable car. This cable car is now my new fall beverage. So be it.

2. You should know something about me. I am thoroughly OBSESSED with fall. I know. It is so annoying, right? But if I can get my act together, these are at the top of my list to make. Because the only thing I love more than fall is apple cider.

3. Someone convinced me to get this incredible bag like over two months ago. When it finally came yesterday, I wasn’t home, which meant I had to go to the post office and pick it up. The postmaster totally BAG SHAMED me in public. He’s like “who would spend $200 on a bag?” and might I add – he said this loudly with tons of other people standing behind me. I wanted to be like um, sir, people spend lots more than that on bags and see your dumb coffee cup from Starbucks? If you gave that up for 2 months you probably could have bought me this bag. thankyouverymuch.

4. Alright. You know I love quinoa. So I am freaking out over this.

5. Over the weekend my husband asked me if I had read “50 Grades of Shay.” Dead serious.

6. You might know that I’m not a huge fan of tomato sauce, which means that I often resort to a jar. Yes, I’ve tried homemade. Yes, I’ve tried a million people’s grandmothers. (Uh, sauce that is.) Yes, I’ve tried it hanging upside down. Just not a huge fan. Never have been. Good thing I didn’t marry an Italian. But… the instant I spied this meat sauce I knew my husband would love it so I whipped it up and whoa… pretty delicious. He said it was the best he’s ever had. And it’s totally not out of a jar.

7. I know I whine a lot about (everything) not liking bread, but I figured out what the deal is. It’s not that I don’t like bread, it’s just that I really love TOAST. Toast is supreme to me. I will eat  almost anything on toast. Almost. No, not mashed broccoli.

8. Yesterday my garbage disposal ate one of my little ceramic spoons, and when I say ate, I really mean it crushed that sucker. To itsy bitsy pieces. Then it just went on it’s merry way doing it’s job. I don’t know if this is amazing or scary but it takes away all those irrational urges I have to shove my hand down there when I’m not doing the dishes. Pretty sure I’d lose that game.

9. Someone has a birthday this week! Someone has no idea what to buy this someone. Someone has this issue of finding things they want to buy themselves… of course. Someone is a terrible person.

10. Just look at this appetizer we had last week on vacation. It was fresh cut fries with bacon and cheddar and about 8000 cheeses and a ton of jalapenos. OMG. And ranch. And I don’t even like ranch. Ugh.

11. Oh and I attempted to get through one entire post that was thought catalog-free, however I’m pretty sure you should check out these 32 things you need to stop caring about right now. Like especially #3. Make those fries. Eat them. Love it.