1. I am currently obsessed with flowers in crazy, unnatural colors. I used to think people were insane, but they really DO brighten the day a bit.

2. If there is one thing that I don’t splurge on, it’s expensive sunglasses. It’s not because I’ve lost a million pairs (I haven’t) or have sat on them in the car (never have, though I did run over my actual eyeglasses with my car once) or constantly break them (I don’t), but I just don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t think there’s any question that I will purchase expensive shoes or food or bags or makeup, but I am a slave to Target sunglasses. I looooove them. BUT. I am sort of hooked on these sunglasses in green. Stop. Someone talk me out of it.

3. This week I am going to make my own body butter. What I’m seriously wondering though is… how do you not taste it?

4. It must be a beer week for me, because I am losing it over these cheesecake fudgesicles and these blueberry beer pancakes. Beer me a fudgesicle please.

5. Is anyone else freaking out about seeing the Great Gatsby? And no, I really don’t care if it butchers the book. Leo for life.

6. I will admit, I was hooked on (the ridiculous) media almost all day on Friday while the Boston situation was going down. I have definitely watched way too much Homeland. But anyway, later that evening I went to the mall and to dinner with my cousin, which we could barely take as we had to live stream the action on our cell phones. Wait, can I even call it a cell phone anymore? That’s so 2005. After, I came home and saw my husband on the couch. I just assumed he was asleep (it was late, he usually is) so I turned off the movie (I thought) he wasn’t watching and immediately turned on three different news stations. Then I picked up his water bottle and drank the entire thing. Then I looked over at him… to see him wide awake and totally stunned that I had just brazenly walked in, turned off his movie and drank his water. I thought he was asleep! I guess you had to be there. We are still laughing.

7. This relive 1999 video has inspired my working playlist today. You’d suffer major secondhand embarrassment if you were here.

8. Annnnnd just because I annoyingly can’t help it, PUHLEASE check out these important hairstyles of the 90s. If you were a slave to your crimper, we are soul mates. Oh and I… sort of want a crimper now too. I hate myself.

9. I just went to bring out my stand mixer and found a loaf of bread. I guess I put it there. Can I please insanity?