1. The foods that I have consumed in the last 55 hours are… utterly ridiculous. I think I was playing the part of a 17-year old boy.

2. One of those things was that donut above, and do you know just HOW obsessed I am with sprinkles? I asked for the donut with white frosting and sprinkles, but the girl must have only heard the “white frosting” part and reached for a sprinkle-less donut. I basically lost my mind. I’m like oh no no no no no!! the sprinkled one! I SAID THE SPRINKLED ONE!! Because they are so important.

3. If you follow me on instagram then you probably have noticed that I would prefer to carry on all online conversations with emojis.

4. More snack talk: has anyone else noticed that it seems like the Snappea Crisp bag is now smaller? It’s probably a good thing since it’s impossible to eat less than the entire bag in one sitting but um…. no.

5. I adore this post – if you could have one day, what would you do? Mine would probably include sprinkles. Am I annoyingly predictable?

6. Uh, Nashville? Can we talk about it now? I loved it but was slightly annoyed with the ending as I felt it was somewhat predictable for a finale, and obviously we know they both have to be back next season. Or else I myself will die. They have to be back right?!

7. Calling all Saved by the Bell lovers: this. Yes.

8. I am SO in love with this commercial. I am a child. I swear I saw this longer version first but had the most difficult time finding it. I just listened to both for about 30 minutes straight.

9. If you are a facebaby fan and need a little america’s-funniest-home-videos-style giggle, you may want to watch this video. Do not worry. He didn’t even get a SCRATCH.

10. What are you having for dinner tonight? I should probably eat lettuce leaves but fat chance of that happening.