1. I was so super excited last week because the owner at my local TCBY said almond milk froyo is coming soon. I love me some almond milk. I hope it’s in funfunfun flavors. Not that it matters considering I add all the toppings.

2. What.the.heck. Brunchiladas and mimosaritas. IS THIS REAL LIFE.

3. Last night when I was prepping dinner, I dropped an entire large contained of fresh mozzarella in oil on the kitchen floor. Even after cleaning, it is still a freaking oil slick. I can moonwalk all day.

4. When I was scrolling through some HBO a few days ago, The Vow was on and I could think of was… how could someone wake up and deny Channing Tatum his husbandly duties? Like wouldn’t you just wake up and even if you were confused, be like OMGyesyou’remyhusband.

5. Some of the pictures I shared on my weekend things were from gaucho and holy cow… it was some of the best food ever. 

6. Even though I’m a 90s girl, I think it’s safe to say I’m sort of an 80s girl – I mean, albeit young ones, I still spent 8 years in that decade. So 53 things only 80s girls get? YEAH.

7. I seriously have no idea what I will do when corn and tomatoes are no longer in season. It’s all I eat. Seriously serious.

8. Dexter?! I totally felt like they wrapped up a big issue in Sunday’s episode and I’m like… where else is this going to go? So impatient. In other news, totally saw a clip for Homeland and… dying. Oh and I’m sort of disappointed in season 4 of the West Wing. Is the honeymoon period wearing off?

9. I want to cry because after loving the old reader so much, it looks like they are shutting it down. Darn it.

10. I’m leaving on a little excursion tomorrow, heading to see my friend Bev, chat at go blog social and then… to Michigan! I can hardly contain my excitement. I’m going to post 8 million pictures of sunsets and ice cream cones. You’ve been warned.