1. I did a little closet cleanout two weeks ago but am feeling the need to do a HUGE closet purge today. Which isn’t good, because I have a large amount of work to do but since I’m such an all-or-nothing freak it’s like my brain won’t let me do anything until this closet is done.

2. Target is killing me.

3. Ah! A bunch of you sent me this awesome link – an ode to dj tanner. Love. Do I even need to say more?

4. I seriously don’t know what to do with my life since finishing the West Wing. I tweeted last week that I had watched the entire series in six weeks and many of you said… watch it again. So I think I might. Plus, it’s like when you finish an awesome book and it was just SO good that you can’t even imagine beginning a new one. Know what I mean? Yeah yeah.

5. I have been DYING over this cafe mocha punch since yesterday morning. It sounds so freaking good.

6. Um. So you know how I recently started to really love donuts? Yeah. A few weeks ago my friend Dervla told me about this coin purse. BUT. Don’t you think I need these shoes? And this bracelet? Obviously.

7. Speaking of jewelry, riddle me this: why do I come home and immediately take off all of my jewelry and set it on the dining room table? Then I go upstairs and change. And let it sit there. Like why don’t I just take it off upstairs where it belongs?

8. I don’t get why people are so mad that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman. I mean, sure, maybe he sucked in that Daredevil movie or whatever, but he also made Argo and then gave that speech that I loved at an awards show in the Spring about not holding grudges and and and… I’m just apathetic, really.

9. I have no TV thoughts this week. Still annoyed with Dexter. Just… meh. Oh but I saw a preview for Trophy Wife and sort of want to love it since Josh Lyman is a main character. Or, you know, whatever that guy’s real name is.

10. 32 extremely upsetting things about the class of 2017. Don’t I sound like I was born in 1932 or something? When I was your age…

11. I kind of want to cut my hair. Twice in my life I’ve cut off over 12 inches just like that – boom, made the decision, done. I don’t get distraught about it because it’s hair – it grows back. However… I’ve never been this old before, and am afraid if I cut my hair now I will never have it this long again. WAH. Life is hard.

12. You know how people use their exercise equipment as laundry drying racks? Well. That’s what I use my photography tripod for. That’s pretty much all I use it for. It currently is holding eight tank tops. At least I’m doing laundry.