1. I actually believe that sprinkles make food taste better. I am not kidding. I actually BELIEVE that. Because they do. Duh.

2. Why is this cake not in my kitchen right now, huh huh huh??? I’m having cake issues lately.

3. Oh and this is going to be my lunch today. I have figs AND prosciutto! Winning.

4. I’m not getting involved with consuming pumpkin things yet… but I cracked and lit some fall candles. I want to say it’s my favorite season, because it is, but how annoying is it that everyone in the world is like omgit’smyfavoriteseasonyayfall and it’s technically still summer? It’s definitely MY season though.

5. Why can’t I just be an adult and keep my car clean? After cleaning it last weekend, I got in it this past Saturday and it looked like a bomb had gone off. The worst part is that it’s not like my job requires me to drive everyday, so I’m not constantly in the car. Give me your tips for clean cars. Like maybe a magic car fairy will come visit every night.

6. The above is just a clue on how I’ve been trying to declutter my life and it feels amazing. Even though my husband says I overuse the word “amazing.” He’s no fun.

7. I should mention though that the real extent of my fall cleaning has been to clean out and switch purses. You know, priorities.

8. Can’t even handle this pic of my favorite face baby. I just want to cuddle the crap out of him.

9. No TV talk this week. Except that I’m freaking out over Boardwalk coming back and I might just watch the Homeland trailer every single day. And yes, of course I’m dying over the return of Nashville. In the meantime, I get a ton of stuff done in the evenings since I’m not glued to my DVR.

10. I’m perturbed. All I see everywhere is camo, camo, camo – camo jackets and pants and tanks and scarves and… gah. Just last year I got rid of my highschool Abercrombie camo skirt (I even wrote about the wretched experience here) and now I’m like whyyyyy. I mean I’m sure a cargo camo skirt that was max 6 inches long would be appropriate for a 30 year old to wear.

11. I don’t really know how to have fun (no, seriously, I’m a control freak/oldest child/worry wart/loser – see #9) so this list of 25 things that get harder after 25 was made for me. Except some of those things were me at, like, age 19. I’d pretty much rather stay in and hang out than go out to a bar… ever.

12. Pretty sure I say it every year, but I’m quite terrified of the new horror movie commercials that are on now that we are nearing Halloween. Like I can probably watch the movie and be fine, but the commercials are awful. They give me nightmares and cause me to scramble for the remote and WHY are they on nickelodeon (i.e. when I’m watching friends) in the evening? I’m a child.

13. Whatcha reading? I know I ask you every season… but I find it challenging to find books to read in the fall. Because I don’t want to read about summer. How weird am I? I’m currently reading this.