I’m late! I’m late! But these are my favorites for the month of March, and I couldn’t not share.

march food + fun favorites I howsweeteats.com

These sparkly jelly beans. I don’t really care about how they taste (which is delicious, like jelly beans) but can we talk about how they LOOK? They are gorgeous and iridescent and colorful. They prettiest seasonal decor ever.

So music. When the weather warms up, I’m in super country mode. It’s just so… summery. Right now I’m loving Easton Corbin’s song Clockwork. And everything Eric Church. And all things Lady Antebellum. And I’m just moving to Nashville.

My tieks. I know I know. You have got to be super sick of hearing me ramble on and on. But guys. I wore them for HOURS while walking around D.C. two weeks ago and my feet didn’t hurt a bit. On top of that, I pretty much beat the crap out of them while walking and they still look new. Yes, there may be some other comfortable flats out there but given this is my first and only kind, I’m pretty much in love.

Smoothies with spirulina. I talked about this in my Wednesday post a few weeks ago, but these are kicking my butt. They make me feel SO good. And while I’m at it, I also may as well mention that darn Vitamix that I put off for so long. Sometimes I’ll have smoothies in the morning but more often than not I prefer them for an afternoon snack. They give me a little jolt and prevent me from snacking on all the things. I get mine from Whole Foods but you can buy it on amazon.

My smoothies almost always have coconut water, and this is by far my favorite brand. It’s actually the only one I’ll really drink anymore. I talked about it a lot last year and it’s also my go-to post yoga drink. Because I sweat like a man.

And one more related note: homemade acai bowls. These are essentially big smoothie bowls made with frozen acai puree and topped with all things delicious like fruits and nuts and coconut and junk like that. I’ve annoyingly jumped on board. As usual, I’m like three years late. If you want more deets, I’ll tell you soon.

The afterlight photo app on my iPhone. A few weeks ago when I talked about favorites, many of you mentioned this. I’ve actually had it on my phone for ages but only used it a few times. Safe to say I’m obsessed now and it’s even taking over my love for VSCOCAM.

My fit bit. Sometimes when I keep it on and do turbofire or something I almost feel like it’s cheating because I can get 6000 steps like that. But now that it’s slightly warmer and I can actually go outside for a walk, I love seeing the steps I get around my neighborhood. As a note, I have the hot pink one and within days it was filthy. I’d def recommend getting the black.

This neon Rebecca Minkoff mini mac. Yep. Something else I’ve gone on and on about for over a year. Since last March, her bags are the ONLY ones I’ve been using on a daily basis. I’ve bought a few other bags in this time frame only for that to be a complete and utter waste because I can’t stop using these. In my opinion, the mac clutch is the perfect bag for everyday. These days I am incapable of using a bag that is not cross body, and these and just incredibly comfortable and the right size. Now, this neon one is the mini mac. I don’t find that I can fit enough in it for everyday use, but I love it for a day or night out. I also won’t be using this every single day because I don’t want to destroy it. Last weekend was her friends and family sale and I couldn’t not ordered this. For real.

This scarf from Zara. Need I say more? Black, white, yellow, teal… I’m in love.

These dark chocolate pretzel crisps. I’m super annoyed that Sam’s Club carries them now because the bag is massive and I want to climb inside and take a nap.

Don’t hate me. But these jogger pants from anthropologie. I can’t even believe I got these. I tried them on a few weeks ago and hated them, but then tried them on again last weekend in two sizes up (so they were actually baggy around my thighs like they are supposed to be on normal people) and I loved them. Super comfy. The only caveat is that I think they only look good with heels. Twist my arm.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]