tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I can’t stop with this passion-whatever tea from starbucks. It tastes better than iced coffee in the heat. Yeah yeah, I know I can make my own. I even bought it! So basic.

2. These fiery shrimp lettuce boats! I want I want. Dinner tonight.

3. Birthday cake m&m’s taste exactly nothing like birthday cake.

4. Um. Less than a month until the Jersey Boys movie comes out. Dying.

5. One of my favorite things ever: when celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Cannot.stop.laughing.

6. Can we all agree that twitter parties… just need to stop? Or am I in the minority?

7. Remember last week when I told you I watched Captain Phillips? Eddie walked in halfway but refused to watch it because he “doesn’t like Tom Hanks.” Uh, what? Excuse me? I told him he was unamerican. WHO doesn’t like Tom Hanks? Regardless, it ended up being on HBO again one night and he watched it and was glued to the screen and now we just walk around the house shouting “I’m the captain now.”

8. So this week the only thing I watched was Mad Men since the rest of my favorite shows are over. UGH I can’t even take how much I loved it. I hate that it’s already over. I thought it was one of the best episodes of the season. Not so unrelated – last night HBO had an episode of Big Love on and I wish that show was still going. Oh oh and last summer I shared my extreme embarrassment at actually kinda maybe liking that show Mistresses and I think it’s coming back. I’ll just pretend I’m not watching it though and sit in my own second hand embarrassment. For myself.

9. These 37 things I’ve learned by 33. I may not be 33 but these are spot on perfection.

10. The fruit pizza I made this past weekend was so ridiculously good. It was breakfast, lunch and dinner. For real. It’s FRUIT! Total health food.