tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The amount of fruit we are going through is nutso. It is so good right now and it’s only going to get better as the summer moves on and is it insane that I’m excited about that? I guess it’s better then dunking my head into a vat of ice cream. (which happens anyway.)

2. I have been dreaming of this kale caesar salad with hard boiled eggs. RIDICULOUS.

3. Magazine hoarding is taking over my life. I have an extreme magazine fixation but with no time to read them lately (I’m picking books instead), they are building a fort around us.

4. You must must must must must read this post and watch this video by Andie. Whether you’ve followed her blog or not (which you totally should be) it.is.incredible. I’ve watched it three times. And laughed out loud every time and then cried. All the feelings.

5. I’ve finally convinced Eddie that he likes pickles. This is both good and bad considering someone can share my pickle love but also terrible since I’ve been going through jars like they’re going out of style since I was like ten years old.

6. Um. Ginger beer in sangria. This is a thing. I’ll tell you about it soon. In the meantime, DO IT.

7. Oooh. Have you started to watch Orange is the New Black yet? My secondhand embarrassment and gag reflex are over the top but I’m liking it more than I did last season. Kind of. It’s sucked me in!

8. Jimmy Fallon and JLo and tight pants. I am so uncomfortable right now.

9. This is what happens on every episode of barefoot contessa. Whaaaaat. Giggling.

10. I literally just burnt 8 slices of bacon – to the point of being BLACK – while writing this. I’m a well-done bacon person but this is atrocious. If you’re a chewy bacon person… how do you deal? Also, not sure if I could make you breakfast then.