september food + fun favorites I

Uh, it may be cliche, but can I say YOU? The love that you’ve given me over Seriously Delish and the blast that I’ve had meeting you since Septmber 2nd has blown my mind. It’s for sure been the highlight of my MONTH!

This milk and cookies candle. AHHH! This thing smells so freaking good. I want to buy like fifty of them.

The coconut water juices from evolution fresh. I think these are both new (?) flavors, but I absolutely love the pineapple coconut version and the greens with coconut water. SO good.

When it comes to TV this month, I have to go with Masters of Sex. You probably can figure this out by my rants in Tuesday Things but oh man, I adore every single thing about this show, even the cringe worth moments. I think Michael Sheen and Janice Ian Lizzy Caplan are incredible. I could watch reruns of every episode for hours. And I certainly don’t want to wait another year for the new season. WAH.

The pumpkin noosa yogurt that’s exclusively at Target. I know I mentioned this last month but it’s been the only pumpkin thing I’ve been going a little nuts over. I’ve mixed it with nutella and a little bit of granola and holy cow… it’s really delicious.

The Ed Sheeran album. I also mentioned this a few weeks ago in my Tuesday Things and I know I’m incredibly behind on the entire thing, but I am absolutely love it. I’ve had it on repeat constantly and I think if Eddie hears one more song from the album he might toss my laptop out the window.

The nine west love fury shoes. I find these to be so crazy comfortable. They are fairly classic and the platform isn’t ridiculous. I’ve had the neon pink ones for over two years but recently got the black leather and the leopard print ones. They are shoes I can walk in for a few hours without my feet killing me.

Um, this smart scan backpack? Last year I started stealing Eddie’s backpack for travel because I didn’t have to remove my laptop for travel. Eventually I just got my own because he was sick of me taking his. I feel like a fourth grader walking around the airport but this has been a LIFESAVER when it comes to traveling, especially while pregnant. I load down my carry on bags and one shoulder will kill me for days – this way I can put my computer, ipad, any books, planner, camera and lens, snacks, scarves etc and the weight is somewhat evenly distributed. Once I tried the backpack carry on, I couldn’t go back. This isn’t the exact model that either of us have since his is a few years old and mine is about a year – but we found them at Staples and they are Swiss Army brand. They’re cheaper on amazon!

It’s a repeat too, but I still can’t get enough of the passionfruit la croix. UGH it is so, so good. Is this going to disappear for the winter? I could still find it a few weeks ago and stocked up. I guess it will be okay if they come out with an incredible winter flavor. And yes – I’ve tried the coconut –  a few of you had asked me since I love coconut so much. I was kind of underwhelmed? This was like two years ago though, and I haven’t really wanted it since.

The amount of times I’ve talked about these kate spade small square stud earrings is ridiculous, but they have been favorites since I started doing favorites! They are the most perfect earrings and I think I have them in ten colors.

The recipe we’ve gone crazy over this month? These BBQ chicken french breads. They are single-handedly responsible for getting me to eat chicken again. And full of so much flavor.

Cherry Bombe, the magazine. I haven’t read any books this month, but I did discover Cherry Bombe when I spoke on a panel at the beginning of the month with the creator, Kerry. I ordered every issue because they are just to-die-for gorgeous and the type of magazine that’s basically a coffee table book – you never want to toss these! Plus the content is top notch.

Instead of reading on planes, I’ve mostly been listening to podcasts – but I’m still loving the Nerdist podcast because I have a crazy crush on Chris Hardwick and he talks to so many people that I watch on TV. I’ve also listened to almost all of Jess Lively’s podcasts over the last month.

The breathe tanks from athleta. I know I talked about these in my pregnancy update but I will love them forever even when I’m not pregnant. They have definitely taken over as my number one tank from the lululemon cool racerbacks. I also love love love this zip up.

This chocolate chip cookie recipe. Oh my gosh. It is perfection. Just do yourself a favor and have them frozen on hand for all time.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]