tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These sprinkles look totally awesome because I just spent 58 minutes picking them up piece by piece off a pantry shelf, stuck in between jars and what not. I figured I had to at least use them for a photo if I couldn’t put them in cookies.

2. Please tell me how this is possible: freaking oatmeal with a cookie topping. I don’t even like oatmeal. Unless we’re talking the instant flavored junk. I am making this tomorrow morning. Seriously.

3. Is it snowing where you are? What is this baloney? My neighbor is currently putting out Christmas lights and I’m kind of tempted to do the same.

4. In a weird turn of events, Eddie never ended up getting the new TSwift album after declaring it “too poppy.” I kept previewing it on iTunes and after a fairly craptastic day, he surprised me with it (the deluxe version from Target, obvi) and I CAN’T STOP LISTENING. I am obsessed. Like blasting it in a Kelly-Clarkson-song kind of way. Like screaming lyrics in the car. This was unexpected.

5. Speaking of TSwift, please tell me you’ve seen this video. Tons of you sent it to me over the last week which begs the question of… did you know I used to do aerobic videos like this in my bedroom back in the day? I probably still own them.

6. I am declaring The Affair my FAVORITE show on TV right now. I know I said it last week but I am so drawn in. I go from hating both characters to loving them and OMG how good was Pacey this week? That’s his name… Pacey. I actually am happy with the events of Homeland so the uncomfortableness can be over but, like, WTF Carrie? I want to get into more detail about last week’s SOA episode because of how the certain event transpired. My freaking HEART. I was slightly bored by the Walking Dead again, but I prefer that to heart attack inducing anxiety. I think that’s enough TV for now. (though I am also really into Scandal!)

7. Was going to link a 90s quiz here (shocking) because I’m predictable, but then I started wondering… am I an 80s kid or a 90s kid? I kinda feel like I’m both.

8. It feels too early to start talking about Thanksgiving, but tell me what DESSERT you’re making! That’s important.

9. On a bummer note, after a doctor’s appointment this morning I have to cancel my book signing in DC next week. Apparently I will be 37 weeks pregnant and according to some things going on, could HAVE A BABY? I thought about secretly still going and not telling her (it’s only a few hours away!) but then her words of “I can’t help you if you’re there!” keep resounding in my head. This means that I will probably have the baby in approximately eight more weeks and be pregnant forever. You know it will happen.