Five years running and right after Thanksgiving, it’s time to talk holiday baking!

the best holiday cookies I

This year has felt slightly different for me since I have a bun in the oven. I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to bake, if I’d have time, when I’d have time and all that jazz – and heck, I still don’t! I figured I’d be too tired or pregnant to want to bake anything for the holidays, but it couldn’t be less true. I am PUMPED to bake, and that means a lot coming from a non-baker like me. Obviously, it’s the Mother Lovett nostalgia. I think it also means a lot when day in and out I have to cook food and test it multiple times and style and photograph it, so making recipes from years past without all those strings attached is mind-numbingly wonderful.

the best holiday cookies I

I’m still slightly concerned about timing – most of my cookie making and holiday foodie gifts don’t take place until mid-to-late December. I never freeze anything. And this year, that probably won’t be possible. But I am still going balls to wall with the holiday cookies while I can. We love to take humongous, obnoxious cookie trays everywhere we go over the holidays.

the best holiday cookies I

These are on the (very-ambitious-while-10-months-pregnant) list. Let me know below what you’re baking!

homemade peppermint pattie cookies. favorite favorite favorite.

and while we’re at it: homemade peppermint pattie brownies. UGH. these are so, so good.

homemade baklava. made in one pan, it’s fairly simple. and I’ve been CRAVING it.

cake batter chocolate bark. it’s just too fun to pass up.

classic peanut butter blossoms. I can’t stop with these. I don’t love the kiss but this was my favorite cookie growing up.

chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. one of the only ways I enjoy oatmeal…

chocolate fudge pistachio thumbprints. I’m not sure if my pistachio obsession needs explaining?

sparkling white chocolate lemon truffles. these are so different and so pretty.

soft snickerdoodles. no words.

soft gingersnaps. I’ve made this recipe for five years running and it’s to DIE for. no one in my family (including myself) likes traditional gingerbread, but these are pure perfection.

giant rainbow cookies. these are SO adaptable. and so delicious.

double chocolate cheesecake cookies. yes. cookies and cheesecake.

holiday thumbprints. complete with mother lovett’s pink and green food coloring, these are a total throwback but a tradition. not my favorite, but my mom and aunt love them. I will eat one to honor ML!

crazy confetti compost cookies. totally trashed up and oh-so good.

chocolate fudge s’mores thumbprints. I’m all over the s’mores.

mother lovett’s orange cookies. another tradition that makes me super nostalgic.

mocha coconut fudge. I love to make this version because Mother Lovett’s fudge was killer. This is my favorite flavor!

oreo truffles. HUGE throwback. old school. biggest hit ever.

the last few years, my cousin and I have also made Tracy’s candy cane vodka, homemade amaretto (always a gigantic hit), candied citrus peels and last year – my homemade cocktail bitters. I’m thinking at least two of these (especially the amaretto… for me) will make the cut this year.

the best holiday cookies I

Spill it – what’s on your list?!