november favorites: food + fun I

Books books books. Okay, I am probably going to write an entire post about this one, but a few weeks ago an advance copy of Andrea’s book, It Was Me All Along, showed up at my door. Now, I have already preordered this book, which is huge for me but is a testament to how excited I am to read it. I HAVE NO WORDS. I finished it last night and could not get enough. I hung on to every word. She is such a brilliant writer and this book could not be better. Multiple times it had me tearing up and then minutes later in hysterics. It comes out in January, but I am telling you… order this book NOW! Really. I’m going to have to write more about this.

Also, I started Elin Hilderbrand’s winter novel last night which I am super excited about. I’m such a fangirl. So far I love it. My reading always takes a backseat around the holidays and I love that this is holiday themed!

This cranberry cider punch I shared a few weeks ago. I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve made this, the most recent being on Thanksgiving. I’ve heard from a bunch of you who used pomegranate instead of cranberry and that’s going to happen this weekend.

For TV this month, I have to give it to the The Affair again. UGH. It is just SO good. I feel like every episode gets better and better and really sucks me in. Eddie, who doesn’t even like most shows that I do, got hooked over the weekend and watched every single episode, some twice. We watched the marathon as we were putting up the tree too. A close second goes to Sons of Anarchy and I’m sure that will be my December favorite, but The Affair just can’t be beat right now.

Um, as if this even comes as a surprise: The Taylor Swift album. Cannot even get over just how much I love it. Like I love every single song! I have replayed it over and over annnnnnd might be thinking it will be on in the room while I’m in labor? Ha. That’s quite a change from the James Taylor music I was planning on… Also, loving the Idina Menzel Christmas album. And still going crazy over the Nick Jonas cover of Jealous even though it makes me feel like a creep.

The cookie lidded oatmeal. Does this even need words? It’s part breakfast, part dessert. It’s really one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

My Frye Jenna studded boots. These are from last year (you might remember when I bought them!) and have been making lots of appearances on my feet this fall. They are comfortable and warm and make me feel like I can always wear fun shows since I can only last a little while in heels at the moment. They have a similar version this year – they are just slightly different. I got mine at Macy’s last year for 30% off so you can definitely find them on sale.

And more shoes: these black tie wedge booties from Target. I just can’t give up height on my shoes when I’m so freaking short, but knew I needed something fairly comfortable to wear while nearing the end of pregnancy. I bought these in late September before I traveled and have spent HOURS walking in them – they are very comfortable. Then again, I find all wedges comfortable so maybe don’t trust my opinion. I love them them. They look great with black pants which is really all that I’m wearing at the moment. I have a similar Jessica Simpson pair in a taupe color from last year, but they were at least twice the price. Love these ones.

This has been our easy go-to meal over the last month, and it’s something we’ve been making for two years now. Buy some packaged butternut squash ravioli and prepare it. Caramelize some onions and mushrooms, toss in some spinach and garlic and fresh sage. Brown some butter and add the whole mess to one big skillet. My cousin made this two years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It literally takes 30 minutes (or less if you use some brown sugar to help your onions caramelize) and I think it’s the ONLY meal Eddie with eat that doesn’t contain meat.

This voluspa candle in spruce cuttings. Once our tree goes up, I love burning an evergreen-type scent – it’s super nostalgic for me and just smells so good. In the past I’ve loved evergreen or fresh balsam from bath and body works, but this voluspa one I got at nordstrom is by far the best this year. Smells so good. Like a tree!

PW’s homemade pancakes. Story time: we eat pancakes pretty much every Sunday, but it’s usually a healthier whole wheat pancake or even the boxed Kodiak cakes. Over the last three weeks, I just couldn’t get behind that and was like I NEED REAL PANCAKES. Omg. I’ve made her recipe now twice and it uses cake flour and it’s freaking heaven. I might have it for dinner tonight. I can eat whatever I want at 10 months pregnant right? Clearly I’m really into breakfast stuff right now.

I’m still going crazy over scarves, especially since they are like the one thing I can wear and change up daily right now. My mom got me this hot pink one for my birthday, as well as this HUGE reddish-purpleish one. Both of them shed but they are warm and wonderful and so pretty. Adore.

Eggnog lattes. I usually can only drink a glass or two of eggnog a year but man… do I love eggnog lattes. Enough said.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]