Hi Hi.

I’m feeling rather out of the loop since the last four weeks have been filled with sleep deprivation and caring for a little nugget that I can’t stop holding. So I’ve got things to tell you!

Upcoming Cooking Classes + Stuff I howsweeteats.com

First up, I have a bunch of upcoming cooking classes at Crate! Please come hang out with me. It will be, like, my first dose of adult group interaction in six weeks. !!!!!!

On January 22nd, I’m doing an all tex-mex class… tacos and margaritas and more chips and salsa than should be legal.

On January 31st, we’re eating brunch! Brunch is only brunch if it includes cocktails… fact.

On February 26, we are going to eat pizza until we’re blue in the face. All pizza, all the time.

To register for any of these classes, click the “classes” tab in the left sidebar then click the corresponding month and then the date with the class link.

Next, do you have your copy of Seriously Delish yet? Did you get one for Christmas?!

Upcoming Cooking Classes + Stuff I howsweeteats.com

If you did, make sure to share your pics on instagram and twitter with the hashtag #seriouslydelish. And upload your pics to the how sweet facebook page! I want to see, I want to see.

If you still want a copy, you can order it from amazon, barnes + noble or indiebound – or find it where books are sold. If you would like a signed copy, you can order it from penguin bookshop here in my city, I will sign it and they will ship it to you! And don’t forget… there is an exclusive ibooks copy where I talk throughout the entire thing. (yes, horrifying.)

Hmmm what else. A bunch of you keep asking about baby updates and – there is a baby page for that! It is not included in the email or RSS feed, mostly because I’m trying to respect those of you that just want to be here for the food and things. I update it once a week or so though, so all you gotta do is click over there. I will also be doing monthly favorites there, just like I do with beauty and food over on my crumbs page. Yesssss.

That is all… live up your sunday! Are we friends yet on instagram? If you make something from the blog, tag it with #howsweeteats so I can see. Or maybe pin it? My pinterest inspiration board is still my favorite and I’m going to chat about it soon.

I want to make ten million things this afternoon to combat the polar vortex but I think I’m going with this.

And I’m prepping this for lunches this week.

And pulling some banana bread out of the freezer.

And making cookies? I can’t stop. (and then living on the couch.)