tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We have been LIVING outside. I think we ate every single meal outside for the last four days? There is nothing I won’t throw on the grill.

2. Speaking of, I planted all sorts of flowers and herbs and tomatoes and stuff. Finally! I full expect them to be dead in two weeks. Must find: garden fairy. I want to plant more and more. I want my house to be covvvvered in flowers.

3. What in the freaking world. Chocolate dipped caramel s’mores. SERIOUSLY.

4. I’m mortified to say that I’ve been using snapchat more and more, even thought I don’t understand it, find it kind of ridic and know I’m waaaaaay too old for this business. But! I sort of like sharing the most boring parts of my day that are nowhere instagram worthy considering everything on insta has to be perfectly manicured and sparkly and new and unrealistic. You know? Anyway, I’m over there. On snapchat. All embarrassed and terrified.

5. Every night I’ve been french braiding my hair in pigtails after showering instead of drying it or throwing it on top of my head. No, I’m not trying to be 13 years old but yes, I am trying to easily get beachy waves with zero effort. It works. Dooo it.

6. I’m still sort of reeling from the Mad Men finale, reading every recap I can and rewatching the last episode. No no, I do not have a life thank you very much. There is, like, NOTHING on TV in the summer so we don’t really watch much. We are watching Game of Thrones but I sort of half watch. I know, I have zero taste. I horrifyingly got interested in Mistresses two summers ago. Yeah. We will watch Orange is the New Black when it comes out. Oh and I am SOOO excited for Masters of Sex to come back. YES.

7. P.S. Look! Why Mad Men changed everything.

8. Um, hello. Are you more Ina or Jeffrey Garten? Guess who I got.

9. Maybe attempting to bake a cake today. Like a real life cake that has layers and stuff. No patience. Pray for me.

10. I hate and love that it’s Tuesday but it’s really Monday even though it’s Tuesday. You know? Will this be the longest week in the history of ever? I declare it honorary margarita Monday.