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Who is ready for a loooooooong weekend?! Raise your hand.

What kind of fun Labor-y Day things are you getting into this weekend? I’m thinking wedding, party, pool, last summer beer, almost last summer rosé and maybe a big fat s’more? A couple long morning walks, some shopping and well, I already started burning a new Leaves candle because I couldn’t wait anymore. #sobasic

Also, breaking news: earlier this week I stopped in JoAnn fabrics and they had SPARKLY PINK PUMPKINS. I mean. Just stop. But while you’re stopping can you show me how and where I can decorate my house with them? I’ll go ahead and buy 20.

Have a fun one! Annnnd you can follow our boring activities on instagram and snapchat: howsweeteats!

Ooooh oooh ooh and don’t forget, you have until tomorrow to enter to win a signed copy of Seriously Delish.

Linky love?! (ew, I won’t say it again)

this week I’ve been craving all things cherry and these sour cherry italian cream sodas are just calllllling my name.

mini no knead pizzas!!! make all your dreams come true since right this second.

um. I am like 124% sure that the madonna inn was made for me.

absolutely freaking over this grilled peach jalapeno margarita. whoa whoa.

these apple jacks cereal milk ice cream sandwiches are out of control.

and is he even serious with these rice krispie treat macarons? oh my what.

this is a snack, since it’s cornbread with bourbon peaches. right?

not sure if i can get behind the raisins, but oatmeal popcorn cookies?! let’s do choc chips.

apple cheddar biscuits and bacon jam. I don’t hate it.

ugh! how delicious does this thai coconut noodle salad look? i want all the thai foods, today.

this weekend: slow cooker kalua pork. 3 ingreeds!

let’s celebrate life (and sarah’s amazing book!) with this mint chocolate chip layer cake. dying.

ready to get the weekend going with these blood orange hibiscus spritzers. oooohwee!