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Hiiii. I missed one week due to my holiday baking post and I feel like I missed out on so many internet goods! The internet is alive with cookies and… peppermint. Lots and lots of peppermint. Which I’m into, considering I spent quite a pretty penny on peppermint bark and all it’s assorted accessories last night. Even though I’m totally planning on making my own.

How are you? What are you doing this weekend? We shopped ’til we dropped last night – seriously Max is a dream shopper and hangs for HOURS. It’s the best. I crossed a bunch of people off my list, including myself like four times. Whyyyy. I’m the worst. Today we are going on a Christmas house tour and then, it’s full blown party planning mode because SOMEBODY IS TURNING ONE. Whaaaaat.

Over on the How Sweet Eats facebook page, I’m showing you how to make super easy BISCUIT donuts with nutella dip. EEEP!

If you still have shopping to do to, have you seen my gift guides? His + Hers + Stocking Stuffers. I love it! And I also shared some of my favorite holiday music this week along with my favorite holiday movies. And over on the pioneer woman, I shared how to make apple cider syrup. It’s so delicious, it’s drinkable. I mean, not really, but you know.

Oh! And my november beauty favorites, of course. Which I may had added to last night. oops.

Have a fab one!

‘net faves (ew):

adorable homemade heart sugar cubes. i cannot.

i’ve decided that baked gnocchi with mozzarella is going to be our go-to meal this week. maybe… twice?

peppermint bark frozen hot chocolate. i die.

also, this freaking marbled peppermint crunch cake. see, i want everything peppermint chocolate right this instant.

what else on earth could be better than the ultimate meat lovers pizza?

definitely going to be on my cookie tray this year: vegan salted caramel pecan turtles.

this winter crostini! it’s dreamy.

blueberry cream cheese donuts! oomph.

cocktail of the month, i deem you to be cranberry ginger whiskey smash.

whoa whoa whoa – mushroom stuffed cabbage rolls. i’m all over this as a non-sausage lover.

another super easy weeknight din, these roasted delicata squash tacos are so me.

sticky date cinnamon rolls are rivaling my nutella obsession.

how wonderful does this needlepoint pasta in light blue cheese sauce look? the freaking flavor.

i have a serious eggnog obsession at the moment, so eggnog almond scones? i’m all over you.