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It’s going to be freeeeezing here again (like, snow), so my hopes of spending the weekend outside and quite honestly, trying out Millie’s might be dashed. Well, the first one for sure. The second one? Maybe not so much. The rest is finalizing bits of brunchshop and setting up! And I’m in a maaaajor spring wardrobe shopping mood. Tell me: what should I buy? What’s cool?

Have a fabulous weekend and let me know your plans below!

P.S. If you love talking about (and listening to!) blogging + passion, you can hear my podcast on the topic at the Chopped podcast.

Oh, and I did a 15-month baby update last week. HOW DO I HAVE A TODDLER.

faves this week:

whoa. how absolutely stunning are these painted macarons? mind = blown.

lobster bisque FONDUE. whaaaat!

the quest for the best chocolate chip cookie. this is awesome! and gorgeous.

losing my mind over this DIY faux flower coat. love it.

how to make an ombre cake – it’s the prettiest.

high maintenance egg salad. get into it.

the cutest peanut butter and banana MINI pies. mini means we can have more.

these beautiful roasted carrots with mozzarella are exactly what i want for lunch and i don’t even like carrots.

this 5-minute piña colada fudge is adorable.

someone deliver me a shaved asparagus and prosciutto pizza, thank you very much.

i’ve wanted a coconut oil brownie recipe forever: healthier flourless fudge brownies.

craving some slow cooker pork and black bean stew.