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Hiiiiii. How are you? How are things? Summer is in full swing here and since it rained all last weekend, I’m hoping we can spend lots of time outside today! We have a packed weekend that needs to include lots of ice cream and book devouring. YES. What’s the best thing you saw on the internet this week?!

p.s. You can find a recipe for baked crumb cake donuts here (!!!) that I made for the Pioneer Woman! So good.

things I’m loving on:

how delicious does this early summer salad look?

spicy watermelon mint agua fresca: so much yes.

100% making this baked nashville hot chicken this week!

desperate for a glass of this homemade vanilla hazelnut milk latte. whoa.

korean style roast pork: craving!

sounds completely wonderful: peppered balsamic strawberries.

churro rice krispie treats!! i cannot.

adorable DIY watermelon floppy hat. i want.

these look like the perfect crispy garlic baked potato wedges.

that one time i almost ate my screen because chili cheese fries pizza. !!!!!!

super pretty nectarine raspberry froyo pops.

italian scrambled eggs sounds fabulous.

file under things i need in my life: homemade strawberry top vodka.