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Here’s a list of things we are loving at 18 months. Max has a few non-specific favorites, such as any and every type of book (bonus if it’s a book with cars or trucks in it), any kind of car or truck or bus and any type of ball. He also loves the most popular toy known as the remote control (to anything!), obviously. Share your favorites below!

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Zara one pieces. I love these for summer so much. The ones we have are sleeveless and to the floor, but we easily roll them up a few times at the bottom. (note: I can’t find a pic online anymore, but here is one from eddie’s insta.) They are light and airy and protect his little knees from falling. The only downside is that they don’t have snaps underneath for changing! I also love all the one pieces from Gap and especially Hanna Anderson (here’s another pic) – and those are MUCH better quality (and in turn, $$$) than Zara. He wears a lot of Osh Gosh denim overalls too.

Fisher Price Bubble Mower. This was the first outdoor toy we bought and he is still in love with it. He is always fascinated by the bubbles but really just loves having something to push around.

Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table. Max loves this and anything to do with water. We haven’t added sand yet, but I’m wondering if that kinetic sand would work??

When it comes to swimwear, I love Target’s adorable options of swim shorts and rash guards. Those rash guards that are SPF 50 are wonderful. My mom used to make us wear t-shirts as kids and these cover so much more, with SPF. And they dry instantly in the sun. For swim lessons indoors, we really love the Hanna Anderson one piece suits. They are just so EASY.

Keen Sandals. Max has LIVED in these. If you see him on snapchat and most of the time on instagram, he is always wearing these. He can comfortably run around in them, get them wet and they protect his teeny toes. Only downside is that they are starting to SMELL! And he is only 18 months. What the heck. I have washed them but they start to smell again soon. I can’t even imagine as he continues to grow. Ha!

We (read: I) are loving the Crayola chalk! So many colors. We found it at Target in the school supply aisle.

Native slip on shoes. I guess these are a newer version of Crocs. We use these mainly when he’s going to be running around in water or mud or something – they obviously dry quickly and are easier to wash than the Keens.

Hanna Anderson PJs. I’ve mentioned these so many times before but they remain our favorites. They are easy for us to get on and off (with a zipper), but not easy for Max. They are footless and I swear they stretch out with the kid in a good way. He can wear sizes forever.

I mentioned this in my own favorites, but this Zoku mini popsicle mold is perfect for tiny hands. It makes just the right size of popsicle!

Cars and Cars 2. Actually, I should just leave this as Lightening McQueen. He doesn’t care to watch the movie as much as he is OBSESSED with McQueen and plays with his McQueen cars. Runs around the house screaming QUEEN! all day long.

ThinkBaby SPF 50 sunscreen. This is what I used last summer and bought again this summer. Love it.

Honest Calming Lavender Bubble Bath. This makes GREAT bubbles in the tub! It’s the best one we’ve found and it smells great too. Not too strong whatsoever. We also use the Honest toothpaste and Max has an obsession with brushing his teeth.

We are still using Honest diapers and still loving Water Wipes. The Water Wipes are absolute magic. They are the best wipes ever and nothing compares!

Thermos Portable Insulated Canteen Cups. These are by far our favorite cups to take when we go ANYWHERE – especially now that it’s hot outside. The water stays cold no matter what. I find mine at Target.

Melissa and Doug Water WOW Books. I bought a few of these and they stay in the diaper bag or car for when we go out to eat or go somewhere and Max has to sit still. He goes crazy over them and it’s better than giving him my phone, which is always a last resort and used when I’m desperate.

Plum Organics Mighty 4 Bars. I’m not sure I can even explain how much Max loves these. He would probably eat them for every meal if we let him. And he definitely doesn’t discriminate with flavors. For other snacks, we do mostly string cheese, oranges or bananas, sometimes Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (he’s sort of over them at the moment!) or even toast with peanut butter.

He also still really loves the Stoneyfield Whole Milk Yogurt pouches. The only flavor he always turns down is blueberry and I have no idea why.

We’re knee dip in learning our 123’s and ABC’s and that could be attributed to this video with Usher. It will be in your head forever now, you’re welcome.

{none of these items are sponsored and they were all purchased by us or given as gifts by friends/family. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you so much for reading!}