Hiiii. Big news! HUGE news!

Huge news that I need to share with my invisible internet BFFs!

My next cookbook is under way and I’m deeming this an acceptable time to use thousands of exclamation points.


my next cookbook I howsweeteats.com

All summer I’ve been working away on plans for the next cookbook. I mean, I’ve been working on plans a leeeettle longer than that, but now that we are in full-fledged hundreds of recipes, tons of photo shoots, too many embarrassing trips to the grocery store mode, I’m going to finalllly tell you all about it. You guys have been asking me for months (actually… years) now just WHEN a new book would be available and I’ve got the deets.

Eeeep. I’m so pumped.

my next cookbook I howsweeteats.com

Like the first book, 150 BRAND NEW (!!!) recipes. Brand new as can be! I’ve been crawling through charred pineapple salads and swimming in pistachio lattes (yes, of course I promise you both recipes, we’re besties) while planning the perfect party set up and everything in between for you. There is more. Parties! Planning! Music! (so what if it’s ’94 Mariah, whatever.) Menus!

And guess what else? Beauty DIYS and beauty talk! – all good for your skin ingredients.

I’m completely freaking out and so excited about everything that is going inside of this book. Aside from my entire heart and soul, gallons of coffee and the lost marbles from my brain, the recipes are so.freaking.delicious. They can ALL be made in under one hour and are exactly like the recipes you will find here: a balance of good-for-you dishes and ones that are obnoxiously indulgent.

my next cookbook I howsweeteats.com

The book will be published by Rodale in the Spring of 2018 and I could not BE more excited!!

And I’m beyond thrilled to be working with an editor I love and admire so much. It’s so very much my dream come true.

my next cookbook I howsweeteats.com

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my next cookbook I howsweeteats.com

I can’t even tell you how insanely grateful I am that YOU are here and that YOU are reading my extremely wordy blocks of text after all these years. It means so much to me; I never take for granted one second that I get to do this work that I absolutely love, because of YOU. Your presence here in our little *howsweeteats* community has saved me on so many levels and I appreciate you like no other.

I wish I could give you a million in-person hugs or at the very least, buy you a (okay, three) margarita(s).