cookbook holiday gift guide I

Here’s a peek at all the books I’ve been loving in 2016! Some are old, some are new, some are written by my friends and others are created by people I don’t know – but I love them all! I looked at the pile of books I have visited the most this year in my kitchen and all of these made the list. Let me know what cookbooks you are loving down below.

Seriously Delish. Is it embarrassingly tacky to talk about my own book first?! Seriously Delish houses a ton of my favorite recipes (hello fontina and spinach baked eggs) and if you guys don’t have it, I’d love for you to grab it and gift it! Between you and me, I think the next book is going to be just as amazing.

Cooking for Jeffrey. Who doesn’t love Ina? I read the book front to back the day I received it and they are just too perfect for words. I even consider this to be a coffee table book. I love them that much.

Small Victories. To say I have completely fallen in love with this cookbook would be an understatement. I love the special ingredients in each recipe. I love the photos! The writing is even better. It’s perfection.

The Nourished Planner. I am ridiculously excited about the Nourished Planner right now! It was designed by my friend Heidi and I just love the idea of developing a nourished life that you love. It’s a goal setting guide, daily calendar and meal planner all in one! Eeeeeep! It might not be a cookbook, but it definitely can be used WITH your cookbooks.

Food 52 a New Way to Dinner. The food52 cookbooks make me so happy. This one is all about delicious recipes, meal planning, and food that busy people actually MAKE!

Dorie’s Cookies. My love for Dorie is strong. In fact, I’m going to make her world peace cookies today. If you’re a baker or want to be a baker… this is the book you need.

Against All Grain Celebrations. While we don’t eat a gluten free or paleo diet, I have plenty of people in my life who do. And this book has the most delicious recipes. The pictures! The food looks incredible.

The Flavor Bible. By now, if you’re a regular reader, you must be sick of me talking about this book. I mention it every year (well, multiple times per year!) because it’s one thing I use in the kitchen constantly. It helps me develop recipes and determine what flavors work and which ones don’t. It’s fantastic.

The Vanilla Bean Baking Book. I haven’t had a chance to tell you guys about this one yet, but a post is coming with on heck of a delicious recipe. I adore Sarah’s blog – her photos, writing and stunning recipes fill this book to the brim.

Molly on the Range. I shared my love for Molly’s book earlier this year, but if you want a book filled with witty writing and delicious recipes, this is the one.

Food52 Baking. Another food 52 love of mine. This has replaced a lot of my general baking books!

Eating in the Middle. Andie’s book is freaking fantastic. I love it almost as much as her memoir. It’s filled with REAL food recipes in the exact way I enjoy eating: healthy with a side of indulgence.

Cravings. I did not expect to love Chrissy Teigen’s book as much as I do. The recipes are ridiculously delicious. I make something from her book at least twice a month!

Simply Scratch. Laurie makes some of the most delicious food on the internet. Her book is no different – and it’s so comforting and feels like home.

Grandbaby Cakes. My love for Jocelyn knows no bounds and it’s heightened because her recipes are insane. Like she makes every single thing I want to eat in the universe. And her book is full of VINTAGE CHARM. Hello, that is exactly what I want always.

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking. Dana makes the easiest, most delicious looking recipes EVER. I’m almost convinced that I could eat a vegan diet if she cooked every meal for me.

Near and Far. I added this book to my collection earlier this year because I die over everything Heidi Swanson does. If you don’t have Supernatural Everyday, you need that one too!

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow. I enjoyed so many recipes in Gina’s first book the I didn’t think it would be possible to find more. But! This one sold me because I’m having a little love affair with my slow cooker (err, I have been since Max came along) and NEED more recipes. These ones are SO good.

Jerusalem. I debated putting nearly every single one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s books on this list because I really love them all. I settled with the oldie but goodie because this is a book I use CONSTANTLY. It has the recipe for the best hummus I’ve ever had in my life. And food is so vibrant and fresh. And it forces me out of my comfort zone.

The Food Lab. Science + food usually isn’t my jam, but I love the author’s recipes on Serious Eats.  If you’re a by-the-book recipe person, you’ll adore this book. And it also might help you become a little more adventurous and… less by-the-book.