tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. 100% obsessed with the fact that they are creating an American Boy doll. Like, what took so long?!

2. Can you say cinnamon swirl layer cake?! It’s absolutely stunning.

3. I am constantly blown away by the stunning, bright pasta that linda from salty seattle creates. Isn’t it beautiful?

4. Lots of TV on that I liked this week! Billions… oh my gosh. I can already tell that season 2 will be just as wonderful as season 1. I actually thought GIRLS was hilarious and one of my favorite episodes ever. How crazy was The Walking Dead scene with the spiked zombie? Big Little Lies?! I liked it.

5. Also. GUYS. I figured out why I am so in love with Stars Hollow, besides the obvious. It’s because the small town vibe reminds me so much of my favorite place ever, Boyne City, and every year when we are there, I want to live there forever.

6. Speaking of vacations, what is your favorite east coast beach? I’ve been to multiple but am looking for a diamond in the rough.

7. I love this early career advice, especially the “don’t over plan” one. Because I over plan EVERYTHING. It’s horrible.

8. Oh yes, I am freaking out that there is a Lisa Frank line of cosmetics coming out. Can I please by 13 again? The purple eyeshadow would be absolutely insane. Everyone on earth has been sharing it with me.

9. My worst nightmare. I’d rather stay awake all night than wear socks to bed.